Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

Do heroes have a duty to show their true faces to the world?

That’s the question posed by Captain America: Civil War, which I had a dream about seeing last night.

In this third installment of the highly successful Marvel series, Captain America (Chris Evans) teams up with two other characters (played by a dude with black hair that I sort of recognized from other movies and Jessica, who I went on one date with in college) to stop some sort of threat. Something to do with a computer virus, I think.

Later, he fights Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). The movie also features a lost Super Mario Brothers installment that was only released in arcades. The Winter Soldier character from the previous movie shows up again, but his storyline will apparently resolved in Captain America: Civil War Part II, which — in the dream I had — will be released this fall.

Captain America: Civil War — ***