I’ve had many blogs over there years. I always implode them after a while. The most common cause is that I keep sharing it people that know me, that I never really hide who I am, and people that are close to me read it. There is offense after offense after offense and finally I get tired of it and delete everything.

It’s been a year since my previous blog post of any kind. This will be the first time I try Medium. We’ll see how it goes. Honestly I don’t have high hopes in it but I like rambling my thoughts out into the world like a made man whispering into the corner of a crumbling wall.

There have been times I have been asked why I don’t hide my identity better. That is really simple. It is not me. Which makes for the constant sick cycle carousel that becomes my blogging life.

So what is this little island of the internet going to be for me? Well It’s going to be my life. It’s going to be my joy, pain, love, and hate. It’s going to be my history and my future. SO whatever I feel like it should be on any given day that I sit down and clickety click at the keyboard.

So let’s start this madness.

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