5 Reasons to Plant a Church with a Team

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” — Henry Ford

From the get go at Ralston, we planted with a team. We have a core team who direct the branch and a launch team around them.

In some ways it’s better to see the early stage of the church as a missionary team rather than a congregation. This helps keep the focus on those who are not in the building rather than creating an environment where people settle.

Five Reasons why Planting with a Team works:

  1. Encouragement

The first year of planting a church has been a bit of a rollercoaster — you have ups and downs. In the up days you need a team to rejoice with and on the down days — you need a team to encourage you. It’s important to know that you are not alone, but God has called others around you to the same mission.

2. Gifting

In the first year of a plant, you need to serve in areas that don’t always suit your gifting just to get things set up. However, it is great if you have a team with various gifts that can build up the body (1 Cor 12). Church planters can be quite driven in their nature, always looking to launch new initiatives and reach out to the world around them. At times this personality can overlook the pastoral needs of people. It’s great if you can have a team with gifts that compliment one another.

3. Vision

A team is important as they help to set and carry the vision of the church. We are a multi-site church and it was important for us to have a team who carried the heart of the church and were behind the vision.

Unless you’re united on vision, nothing will happen. Building a team of vision carriers allows you to start off strong.

4. Culture

The team around you will not only carry vision, but will set the culture. The decisions you make from the beginning will affect the culture of the church for years to come. From how you serve tea and coffee, to how you welcome people, to how you organise prayer and small groups.

Get a team around you who will not only carry the vision but will also set the culture. It should be clear to someone who is new to the community that ‘this is how things work around here’.

5. Friendship

If a team functions without relationships developing, then something, somewhere down the line has gone wrong. Some of my favourite moments from this year has been when our team has eaten together and laughed. The people in your team are more important than what they can contribute to the church plant and friendship helps you to continue to enjoy church planting beyond the honeymoon months at the beginning. It sets the tone that the church is a place of community.

So there you have it — five reasons why planting with a team works well.

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