Sausage Party: Short Movie Review

With a limited budget, I won’t speak about the behind the scenes of this film, a huge cast and a concept which was risky. Is Sausage Party the hit and is it as good as a Pixar animated film?

Let’s talk technical

Sausage Party’s animation is good , not Pixar good but good non the less. The character models of the food in the film are excellent. Character movement and design is some of the best you will see from any animated movie but it’s the other areas of the film which show the quality.

The humans in the film are not great and you can see a noticeable difference between the food and humans in terms of quality. The humans in the film reminded me of Geri’s game, which was made in 1997 by Pixer, not to say Geri’s game is bad but we are in 2016 and animation has improved greatly since then.

Another area which is seriously lacking is the settings and most notably the backgrounds. A number of times throughout the film the characters with make reference to a far away area of the supermarket and the camera will pan to what almost looks like a jpeg taken of Google images. The image is an image of something loosely described by the characters and just looks terrible but we do have to keep in mind the limited budget on this film.

This film is nuts! (Pun intended)

Ok on to the actual story and film itself. This is hands down one of the funniest films I have seen in a long time. I was going to say this year but that statement would not do this film justice as 2016 has been a terrible year for comedies. The aim of the film is to poke fun at Disney and if it had of gone any other way, it simply would not of worked. Within the first 10 minutes of the film there is a reference to Disney’s nazi controversy with “kill all the juice”. I laughed hard at this as I knew why it was there while on the other hand I had to explain it to my girlfriend.

80% of the comedy in this film is sexual based. I didn’t realise you could make so many sex jokes using food, you have some really obvious ones like hot dog and hot dog buns, I hope I don’t have to spell that one out, to a mixer of food that you do not see coming.

The other 20% is racial comedy. Racial comedy like this hasn’t been around since most likely the 80’s , it isn’t as raw as back then but it’s there. Racial comedy isn’t considered PC anymore and is never used in film. It is most of the time implemented using different sections of the store e.g the asain food section and a Mexican section which consists of tacos and tequila. It is all done in good taste and never disappoints at any point throughout the film.

A number of times throughout the film you will see a switch from the foods perspective to the human’s. These are hilarious and give a nice change of tone from time to time.

Do you checkout this film?(Pun intended)

With a great cast and some of the best comedy writing in a long time for any film. I strongly suggest you go to this film. Be warned you will be in pain with laughter after this film also the second last scene is the most WTF moment within a film I’ve seen.