I highly enjoyed your stream of consciousness on education piece. Some thoughts:
Maegan Diaz

Maegan, firstly, thank you for the kind words and your very thoughtful response. I enjoyed reading your extending reflection, especially the part about shaping a “culture of honor” and teaching children the even greater importance of information digestion.

To answer your question about incentivizing educators: every other country in the world values their teachers as much, if not more so, than other careers. I agree with you. Increasing wages for all educators across the board is an obvious first step (especially per region, considering inflation in cost of living). However, let’s take it a step further. Our country prides itself on innovation and healthy competition. It’s what has built the foundation of the United States. So, let’s give our teachers the opportunity to be rewarded for that: create a bonus or MBO (Management by Objectives) model that allows value-based curriculums to be assessed by a diverse board of directors on a quarterly basis. We need to disrupt stagnation by having regular reviews of the metrics we care about observing.

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