(309): Yet Another Rehash of the Old White Separatist vs. White Supremacist Argument
Betta Tryptophan

I don’t know where to start. If I show you how they would create a Black ethno-state to go along with the White one they want, you’ll still say, “but they view a White ethno-state as preferable.” You argue that Whites will get an “already built” economy, but so would the other groups according to such plans.

When the alt-Right says, “we’re being replaced.” they are referring to Democrats here in the US who work to reduce border enforcement; Democrats who say “Whites will be an absolute minority… and that’s a good thing.” They are referring to the EU allowing of economic migrants that claim to be Syrian refugees. And yes, they use examples of bad actors to villify the whole, but they’re not wrong that the justification for allowing so many immigrants is to prop up the welfare state.

If you listened to what they were saying, rather than presuming to know based on what Wikipedia says about them, you could link to where they say the things, and we could find out what they say together. Or maybe not, given the level of censorship against them after Charlottesville; that’s the point of censorship, after all.

So I’m done trying to explain the alt-Right and their goals. It’s a fruitless exercise. You’ve already made up your mind.

But as for myself, you’re the first person to ever ask what I think personally

Those PoC who “spout their samethink grievances” are talking about unjust things that happened to people because they were black or brown, or they’re talking about things that happened to them.

They’re talking about things that happened to other people, hundreds of years ago, and using it as an excuse to hate me today. They’re talking about things that other people did to them, but blaming me because I’m a White man.

Just because a lot of people complain of mistreatment, does this make it tiresome to you? Are you simply tired of hearing about it?

I’m tired of being blamed for “systematic racism” that somehow I “benefit from” when the blamer cannot point to any laws that discriminate against them, or any laws that benefit me above them. I’m tired of being blamed for the things slaveholders did, and the things that police officers may or may not have done, and the things teachers or employers may or may not have done.

I’m tired of being told that I have privilege, but conveniently nobody can ever define what privilege I have. I’ve got a job, I don’t live by myself but with roommates, I’ve got massive school loans, I’ve never had the luxury of taking a trip outside the country, just like most other people.

I’m tired of hearing the same old cookie-cutter “arguments”, of being called a neo-Nazi or a Nazi or a racist or bigot or whatever other slur that’s politically correct at the moment. I’m tired of Black people getting cover for their racist shit because they’re “just reacting”.

Are the videos that show the violence done to these people not enough to convince you that they are being treated unjustly?

I’ve seen the video of Walter Scott, shot in the back and then had a gun planted on him. I’ve seen the video of Eric Garner, choked to death by an illegal chokehold. I’ve seen other videos besides, and I can see why Black people would be on edge around police officers.

But I’ve also seen video of Korryn Gaines, who took “on edge” to the next level, who needed a therapist but only got fed anti-cop hysteria. I’ve seen video of BlackLivesMatter protesters marching through the streets chanting, “what do we want? DEAD COPS! When do we want them? NOW!” and other of, “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”

I’m under no illusion that there aren’t many Black people who end up in prison for bogus drug charges, where White people usually get off Scott free. I’m under no illusion that People of Colour get profiled more than I now do. But it’s not my fault, I am not to blame, I don’t benefit from it, and I would change it if I could.

I wouldn’t be tired of people asking me for help, asking if I could message my Representatives and Senators to support some bill, asking to show non-sycophantic support. But that never happens, it’s always “shut up and make way for PoC, you nasty bigoted evil racist White Supremacist shitbag”.

Have you decided to simply stop using your brain and dismiss all the news that documents the violence being done to PoC, while selecting for the violence done against whites? Certainly both must be documented, but they are not equivalent. One is systemic, while the other is a reactive violence.

Prove it. Prove it’s systemic. Prove it’s not reactive. You can’t, there are no laws for it, there are many laws against it.

For every “Die Whites Die” there are a thousand calls for Hispanic Americans to go “home” and for Blacks (won’t say the other word) to be jailed, beaten and killed. (Not to mention calls for women to “get back to the kitchen” or “make me a sammich.”)

Prove it. Find me a handful of instances of people calling for Blacks to be jailed, beaten and killed. If you can’t do that, find me as many as you can.

And boo hoo, on the one hand there is an imbecile saying “go home” or “get in the kitchen”, on the other hand there is a hatemonger (probably some White Antifa douche) threatening genocide. One of these things is not like the others, indeed.

I won’t excuse violence done to whites, especially if it is done specifically because the person is white. That is racial violence, but it is a reaction against prolonged suffering.

It is not a reaction against prolonged suffering, it is a choice to be act like the people one doesn’t like; it is a choice to do unto other what you think has been done to you. Black people aren’t fucking animals, they’re people; people make choices. And you and other race-baiters choose to exagerate the sins of Whites, whilst excusing the sins of non-Whites as “reactions”.

“I won’t excuse that…but it is a reaction against prolonged suffering.” Excuses, excuses, excuses.

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