So what’s your definition of “hate?”
Betta Tryptophan

My definition of hate will never matter, since these days sneezing in the wrong direction is a hate crime. I personally would define it as “extreme dislike”, because I know what both of those words mean.

While I don’t agree with Antifa’s method, their anti-fascist views are in effect a hatred for a philosophy/ideology, not a hatred for white supremacists themselves

You seem to be projecting intentions you find honorable onto Antifa. Their actions, however, speak for themselves. If they just hated “fascism” they’d burn Nazi flags or Mein Kampf or other “hate symbols”. But when it comes to hating people, one would expect violence against those people; violence against people is exactly what we see Antifa engaging in — along with destruction of property, which is unsurprising from an Anarcho-Communist movement.

And this label you use, this “White Supremacist”, I have to ask: do you label the alt-Right with that because they assault PoC, or do you label them that because you want to guilt them by association with people that do? I’ve actually listened to these supposed “White Supremacists”, and I haven’t heard one say “PoC are inferior, we should attack them”.

What I would expect from a White Supremacist would be two things:

  1. They believe Whites are superior to other races
  2. They believe Whites should dominate other races

The alt-Right (listening to people like Richard Spencer, Millenial Woes, Ramzpaul, and Jared Taylor) instead say these two things:

  1. Races are different, but not necessarily better or worse. “My race is better for me, as your race is probably better for you.”
  2. White people have just as much right to exist as anyone else, and every Race deserves a place of sovereignty. They have a meme, “Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Europe for Europeans”.

I liked your OP, thank you for being one of the few on the Left who don’t advocate physical violence against “Nazis”. But it still seems to fall closer to the caricature you speak of than an honest assessment of their actions and words.