Begin as a writer

1. Time is the most valuable things lord gives us; money is not.

2. Only if you believe in something you can manage doing it.

3. Study hard and play hard.

4. The most effective way to communicate knows when to shut up.

5. Time management is important, however, putting into practice weighs more.

6. Instead of receiving a million dollar, I prefer to give a million dollar to know how to make another.

7. Nobody can change you except for yourself.

8. Don’t play tricks on study; he is wiser than anybody.

9. Attitude determines your future.

10. The words you speak are like water that has already been pulled out.

11. The most difficult thing in the word knows who you are.

12. Weak people always blame mistakes on others.

13. Incapable people always regard themselves as superhero.

14. Union is strength.

15. Only if you taste the bite you know what is sweet.

16. When we are young, we regard toys as friends, however, when we grow older, friend regards you as toys.

17. Don’t be afraid of seeing the shadow because the light is behind you.

18. People cannot take their money into graves however; money can take people to graves.

19. A girl will doll herself up for who she loves.

20. If you are too sensible for others’ words, your life is like underwear — taking every fart.

21. Growing up is a process to know how dump you were before.

22. If you don’t have a good appearance, you can have a good heart by reading more.

23. If you don’t have eyes that can find the beauty, even if you go all over the world you can just feel sorrow in your feet.

24. Don’t live a tired life because you don’t have that many audiences.

25. Don’t blame on life that flat your edge; at least you can go further.

26. If you don’t put heart on something, you will never know you are awesome.

27. Hunters will shoot the bird that stand on the top of the tree.

28. When you are tired, just take a shower and then you will refresh.

29. Others can know if your shoes are dressed or not,; only yourself can know if the shoes fit you or not.

30. Life is a big stage and people depends on acting.

Sugar is sweeter if one tastes the bite first.
Only if people lose what they ignore will they treasure their lost.
People who feel gloomy all the time don’t really experience the challenges; on the contrary, people who experience the tragedy will always wear smiles on their face.
One will never treasure the thing that can be easily gained.
Content is better than riches.
Hardworking is more effective than talent.
Practice will never be wrong.
If you don’t put heart into project, you will never know that you have no limitation.
It’s simple for us to do exercise, however, few of us can do exercise everyday.
Your achievement is as large as your ambitions.
Time management can make you live 25 hour per day.
Fool always speaks before others; a wise person speaks after thinking.
Wise man will never make the same mistake twice.
Learning is a process to recognize how ignorant you are.
Wise people always know when to stop.
Practice is the best teacher in writing
All writing starts from plagiarism.
Only if you put your emotion into writing you can write a masterpiece.
The most challenging thing in writing is read your own essay aloud.
No matter what language is, writing skill takes time to improve.
Creativity is murdered by regulation.
One can never build a house just with imagination.
Creative thought matters; practice weighs more.
Creativity makes evolution among human beings faster than other creature in the world.
Only if we study more we can enlarge our eyesights.
 6. Money
You can never take money into your graves
Sunk cost is the cost that will never be recovered.
The methods that can earn money is more valuable than money itself.
You can use money to make friends; money can make you recognize a friend.
One cannot live a happy life with a lot of money, but one cannot live a life without money.

Hard Working (Success)
1. Working hard is the only path leads to success.
2. Practicing more can make up gap between intellectual qualities.
3. Diligent people always make progress while lazy guy can only fall behind.
4. Thousands of miles tour begins with your first step.
5. Dream is important; however, daydreamer is useless.
6. Don’t admire others success because while you are abandon yourself in entertainment, they are working.
7. You will never know how much power you have if you don’t put all your heart on something.
8. Hardworking is an necessary road that can accelerate our progress.
9. You will never know you are ignorant by reading a lot.
10. Never take pride of your achievement is the best way to make progress.
1. There is no path in writing except for practicing.
2. The most challenging method to improve writing is reading your own essay aloud.
3. Writing sources come from a bunch of reading.
4. Writing comes from imitation first.
5. Only if people are really interested in something can they write essays about it well.
6. Writing is to show your opinion to readers, rather than show the reader your abundant vocabulary knowledge.
7. The first step to beginner is Writing making people understand your language.
8. Writing is an art; it takes time to command it.
9. Writing is a process we gradually recognize the world.
10. It’s difficult to find your own mistakes, so it’s better to turn for other people’s help.

1. Rather than living a terrible life, we should live a happy life.
2. One cannot live a happy life with a lot of lure.
3. Happiness is unnecessary with your achievement; instead, it’s related to your satisfaction.
4. People who are easy to be satisfied are always happy.
5. Money will change your spirit.
6. Nobody doesn’t have depression; however, wise people know how to release their feelings.
7. The reason for people don’t feel happy is because they don’t have dream that they want to achieve.
8. Making progress is the happiest thing in the world.
9. Nobody except you can determine your feelings.
10. Sweet sugar taste sweeter if people know the feeling of bitter.

 Rather than living a successful life, people who live with satisfaction are more likely to get happiness. Though we might admire the achievement and wealth some people gain, those achievers actually don’t live as fancy as we think. The reason that causes their unhappiness is that they don’t appreciate what they have already gained. Instead, they attach more importance on how much they can still get and take their harvest for granted. However, they don’t know that actually, the content is better than riches.
 As the Internet spreads over the world, people are changing their reading methods. Before, many people choose to read the paper book instead of e book on the Internet. But now, more and more people are holding a view that e book can replace the paper book. In the same while, the Internet also cause the rise of net fiction and novel. Books without literature accomplishments like “50 Shades of Grey” have gotten unprecedented success. However, writers without abundant writing skills won’t always get success because their books are too monotonous and are lack of ornamental values. Only if writers who keep on updating their views by reading constantly can they success in a long term.
 People who complain about their experience and their poor lives are actually embodying their weakness to others. On the contrary, people who are more likely to get success will only focus on their present. What they can do to change their poor condition becomes a really strong willing for them. And those wise people know that there is no path for them to get achievement instead of working hard. Therefore, those diligent people finally can get success while those who are caught sitting on the sideline of life wishing they do something different are still complaining their lives. The only way to get achievement is working hard.