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Good sentiment here, I certainly agree. 
What I lack here though, is any suggestion on how to move forward. A framework for networking people, and a project concept for realizing this functionality for everyone out there.

I have my own ideas on this subject. Both your and mine calls for a quite complex database, pared with some kind of very intuitive and dynamic interface.

I’m not a programmer, but I have worked on several Open Source projects, and I still do, functioning mainly as visionary idea generator, tester, translator etc. 
My strength lies in communicating to programmers and engineers what we as end consumers need and want, research and describe needs and complexity and alike.

What I have missed most in my own permaculture efforts, is a full-lifecycle guide to plants. A seed- and plant-sharing database that describes a plants seed storage method, seed germination method, planting and soil type preferences, nutrition needs, environmental needs and limitations, known companion plants, known disease and pest issues, when to harvest crops by detectig maturity, how to attract relevant pollinators and how to pollinate artificially, including cross pollination prevention, and when and how to grow for seeds. All this within a non-geek interface with images and other media, generated by community efforts.

This can of course be expanded onto, but I think it’s an essential basis for what you are trying to decribe here. 
I have some experience in practical project management, and would be glad to be part of a team initiating this process, but not too keen on being a project leader. My partner is a great artist as well, for any graphical stuff we might need.

If there is interest, Contact me via IRC. I run the chat channel #permaculture on the Freenode IRC network. If you are new to IRC, simply use the webchat to connect directly, and be patient, don‘;’t leave just because no one is responding immediately. And I’ll gladly help you set it up on your computer if you enjoy it. (It’s where I was directed to this article as well)