Did You Win? Or Are You Winning?

Stop and think of a day you woke up, went to your job and just crushed their goals to building their career because certain KPI’s, Deals, or Tasks matched the goal expected of you and then you walked out at 5 o’clock sharp, got in their car, rode the bus, or called an Uber and you thought to yourself “I am a “Winner” I ‘won’”. Of course you did, when you come into your job, have an objective, and execute that is a ‘win’. But What I fell into and see so often is a mindset that says, “Yeah…today was a win, I think I even made up some ground, I think I can reel it in a bit tomorrow because I gained some ground. But if you’re reading this, I hope you’ve checked out Eric Thomas and have heard his quote that resonates in me every Thursday night.

So to separate a Win from Winning, it is pretty straight forward I hope. Obviously a win is a singular moment, it happens then its one, it is in the past and it’s only a strategic part of the mission that you know isn’t just what you think is a smart safe plan, but your heart’s passion that consumes your drive. So true winning is knowing every win is just one step towards executing the journey, there is no end goal, deal, dollar amount, acquisition that is a destination the Win occurs. Winning is executing your full potential in every opportunity to win, and using each win as catalyst towards the next and so on and so on. There is no “Ultimate Win”. Only using each win as a baseline to increase the next win consistently and full-heartedly that is winning.

I hope you all had a win Thursday, but let’s keep “Winning” Friday.

Lets share this around if it makes sense, and I hope to write about what makes a win a true win next…

Until then remember what TGIF really means.

Signing Off.