Fuck the busy mess

This world we have created no longer serves us.

We rush madly from one task to the next, never fully present with anything we are doing. Our conversations are hurried opportunities for self-promotion rather than mutual discovery. We outsource our chores so we can spend more time working or being entertained, sacrificing the groundedness, humility and sense of accomplishment that can come from cooking and cleaning.

At work we are ordered to do more with less — efficiency is the mantra we chant endlessly to our god of consumption whose hunger is never satiated. We leave our whole selves at home and live more and more of our lives as fractions of our selves. We’ve worn a mask to conceal our vulnerabilities, weaknesses, passions and darkness for so long we have forgotten our true face.

Our entertainment is immediate and vast but shallow and devoid of originality — distraction rather than engagement — forgotten as soon as it is done.

We learn nothing from all of the noise because we have no time to reflect. No spare moment to daydream and not enough sleep to dream.

Who does all this busyness serve if not us?

Business…Busi ness…Busyness…Busy mess.

We live in an economy, not a society. Our god is capitalism, our prophets are entrepreneurs, our temples are shopping malls, and our holy book is the news.

This is not a conspiracy. There is no shadowy figure pulling the strings. It’s just business.

Well fuck business and fuck the busy mess it creates and thrives on. Business depends on us to perpetuate its busyness and we can choose at any moment to pull the plug and slow down.

Fuck our culture of consumption

Fuck defining your worth as a human through the pursuit of extrinsic measures of success. No car, house, suit, watch, wife, job, qualification, weight loss, muscle gain or honorary title will make you any more worthy than you were on the day you were born. You are worthy. No ifs, no buts. Worthiness is the default setting — but our culture has taught you that you need to prove your worthiness. This suits our culture’s agenda orchestrated by business to encourage you to buy things you don’t need to demonstrate your worthiness. Fuck our culture. You are worthy.

Fuck working long hours for dehumanising organisations

Fuck spending 60 hours a week in a cubicle staring at a flashing screen to earn money you will inevitably spend on things you’ve been promised will make you feel worthy [because they won’t]. If you have an intrinsic sense of worthiness you will spend less on things you don’t need which means you can work fewer hours giving you more time to do the things you love. Spending more time with the people and things you love will strengthen your sense of worthiness further eradicating your need to purchase things to prove it. Spend less = work less = live more.

If you are lucky enough to have skills that are in demand you can also be selective about who to give your time to in exchange for money. You can work for an employer who values the humanity of their employees and customers and the rights of nature above profit. You can starve the heartless organisations of employees.

If you are super lucky you can start your own organisation and ensure that you place the wellbeing of your staff, customers and nature above profit.

Fuck anti-social media

The aim of every social media platform is to get you to engage with it for as long as possible to maximise ad revenue. You are the product being sold to businesses. The limited time you have left after spending 60 hours chained to your desk and several hours hunting for products and services to make you feel worthy, is now spent consuming vapid social content designed by business to get you to consume their product. You are bombarded with hundreds of notifications a day all demanding your immediate attention, all completely inconsequential.

It’s no wonder you feel exhausted and distracted all the time. What’s worse you are pulling your phone out to consume this content during conversations with real humans who care about you and who you care about in return.

Fuck anti-social media — delete your accounts and spend the extra time it liberates with real humans in real conversations.

Fuck shallow distracted conversations.

Conversations are opportunities to understand and be understood. It is where we practice and demonstrate acceptance and love for other people and ourselves. But we are often too distracted by our mobile technology which offers never-ending positive reinforcement of our worthiness via likes and follows to truly listen and we are too concerned with proving our worthiness to others via self-promotion to talk about anything worth listening to.

When someone is talking drop the technology and try being present and listening deeply without judgement using your whole mind and heart and when you are talking try sharing your truth about things that really matter to you from your heart.

Fuck glorifying technology.

Apps, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence won’t make the world a better place. They are tools which can only ever amplify the will of the creator and user. Look into the heart of this busy mess we have created and ask yourself whether it would be wise to amplify our collective will via something as powerful as AI. Technology has the potential to be a powerful force for good but it is only as moral and beneficial as the hearts creating and wielding it.

If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a chaaaaaaange, starting with these*:

- Accept yourself as you are, flaws and all — you are worthy.

- Buy less stuff you don’t need so you can afford to work fewer hours and spend your extra free time with the people you love doing things you enjoy.

- Only work for employers who place the wellbeing of their employees, customers and the natural world above profit.

- Delete your anti-social media accounts and spend the extra time it frees up socialising with real humans

- Practice love and acceptance by engaging in real conversations where you listen deeply without judgement and where you share your truth from your heart.

Fuck the busy mess.



* I am not claiming to have successfully implemented all of these suggestions — they just seem like a good place to start. I still use social media, I still have distracted conversations and I think it might take the rest of my life to truly accept myself but it’s worth trying!

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