How I say focused for a day’s work

Firstly, you should turn off all notifications on your phone unless they are business critical. 
I have notifications for things like Todoist and Asana but not for social media, etc (I deleted the Facebook app and messenger app from my phone years ago — best move!)
I personally start my day with some faffing online, just to read and share articles, watch some funny videos etc. 
This allows me to see there’s really not a whole lot going on online, so I can focus on the rest of my day. 
Then it’s some exercise — enough to breathe heavy a few times and break a sweat — and some general stretching and mobility work. This keep my body light and fluid, which allows me to sit at my workstation for extended periods of time in comfort and relatively pain free. Plus it helps get my blood flowing and my mind up to speed for the days’ tasks.
Then it’s a short shower with even a shorter mediation session in the shower. Here I sit under the hot stream with no distractions and it lets me focus on the day’s tasks so sharply, that even if I get thrown some curve balls, I can easily get back on track.
Then once at my workstation, I close off all unnecessary windows/programs so I can stay focused on the tasks for the day and if I stray off the path for too long, I kindly ask myself if what I’m currently doing is in any way going to achieve my goals.
For me, it’s really about the process and maintaining focus. Self discipline helps too.
Like anything, the sooner to start to practice it, the sooner it becomes habit.