Social Media Quote Library

“Wow! You grew your Instagram followers to X00K?! How did you do that?”

“I just posted nicely formatted quotes from people I don’t know so people will read them and think ‘Awwww yeah! Tru dat!’, and then, double tap baby!”

I’m getting pretty feed up with the constants influx of quote-farmers in social these days.

I don’t mind if they are just doing it as a hobby or to spread good vibes or whatever.

It’s when people are seen as some sort of guru on social for amassing so many followers, when all they are doing is re-hashing other people’s work in the attractive dopamine snacks.

As I’ve said before, the future of Instagram will comprise of the following:

  • Cats
  • People with low body fat percentages
  • Celebrities doing anything
  • More Cats
  • Quotes from people the account owner has never met or heard of until they posted the quote
  • Still more cats
  • Food
  • Cats eating food

Indulging in quotes en masse is a healthy dose of bullshit to keep you off track and doesn’t do ANYTHING to improve your standing in life (I mean it!)

As I’ve just said (probably not to the popularity of anyone on Twitter)
“A quote is wisdom out of context. 
Don’t think your life will improve because you identify with a few lines of text.”