US Presidential Elections — A History Lesson

If you’re following the US Presidential “whatever you care to label it” — Here’s an interesting pattern for you to consider which might’ve already decided the outcome.

This is all purely high level speculation for fun and I’m not really following the “race to the bottom” closely as this post might lead to you believe. But here goes….

People voted in Nixon (R) because he was the opposite of Johnson (D).

People voted in Carter (D) because he was the opposite of Nixon (R) (Gerard Ford (R) sure as shit doesn’t count in this examination, or anywhere really.)

People voted in Reagan (R) because he was the opposite of Carter (D).

People voted in Bush Sr (R) because he was backed by Movie star, anti commie, progressive attitude towards homosexuality Reagan (R) (who has just served two terms)

People voted in Clinton (D) because he was the opposite of Bush Sr(R)

People voted in Bush Jr (R) because he was the opposite of Clinton (D)

People voted in Obama (D) because he was the opposite of Bush Jr (R).

Arguably, people voted for Bush Sr because he had the backing of an out-going president with HUGE star power! (Former Hollywood movie star, Military dude AND survived an assassination attempt where he was shot and the bullet deflated a lung!). So having star power might be important to US voters.

On the flipside, it seems the US voters will throw in whoever is the opposite of the current president.

Who do you think is the current opposite of Obama?

Hilary or….????