Walking Contradiction or Professional Crastination?

I’m sitting here waiting to “chat” to the CEO of a Content company about a refund.

I thought, “Why not use this time to write on Medium?”

Why not indeed!

This was meant to be something I was going to do daily.

But if we all did things as planned, we’d all be (to paraphrase Derek Sivers) “successful millionaires with washboard abs”

(UPDATE: As I wrote that above line, the CEO just Skyped me to say he’ll be two more minutes — Good times)

So why not get back into the habit?

Speaking of which, I think I’ve cracked the procrastination code.

Well, it’s still only in beta testing, but here is the scoop.

My normal daily routine is like this:

  1. Stop sleeping
  2. Get coffee
  3. Feed cat
  4. Scour Feedly
  5. Schedule Hootsuite
  6. Workout (30–60mins)
  7. Breathing exercises (Wim Hof Method)/Meditate (TM)
  8. Elevate training
  9. Shower
  10. Begin day around 9am

I then proceed to do what you and many others do.

Check emails.

Check FB.

Check other BS that won’t achieve anything.

Then once all procrastination options are exhausted, I magically found other things to take up my time.

(UPDATE: I’ve finished the call and will hopefully receive a refund soon)

So how did I combat this today?

Well my daily routine changed to THIS:

  1. Stop sleeping
  2. Get coffee
  3. Feed cat
  4. Scour Feedly
  5. Schedule Hootsuite
  7. Workout (30–60mins)
  8. Breathing exercises (Wim Hof Method)/Meditate (TM)
  9. Elevate training
  10. Shower
  11. Begin day around 9am

By getting the jump on the time suck BS, I was able to knock out two blog posts (whereas it’d normally take me a day or two to just get one out!).

Obviously I still work in some of my early routine (With a hungry cat or caffeinated me, NOTHING would get done!) so the transition runs smoothly.

Are you a terminal procrastinator?

Try shoe-horning your “procrast tasks” into your morning routine and let me know how you go.