talking with my dad

My Dad and I were talking the other day about growing up and having to handle adult situations.

In the past few years I’ve become much better at handling stress mainly because I’ve found ways to escape. Whether it’s cooking with my Mum, working out in my garage or watching films.

When I was a kid, although I didn’t realise it at the time, climbing trees was my escapism. Anything to relieve the pressure of tidying my bedroom.

Then I went to boarding school and if you had a bad day, you didn’t get to come home. You had to brush your teeth stood next to the bad day. But music helped. And then film. And if you ask me to list my top favourite films it normally goes something like this:

- Jurassic Park because dinosaurs.

- Meet Joe Black because honestly it gave me the blueprint for saying hi to a pretty girl in a coffee shop. I haven’t actually implemented the blueprint yet but I’ll get round to it.

- and Drive because it’s literally one the most visually perfect films I’ve ever seen.

And what all of these films have in common is that somewhere along the line I found out about them. Whether it was seeing a movie trailer about dinosaurs or a friend telling me that if I skip about an hour into Titanic I’ll see boobs (and what do you know, he was right). We all find out about movies somehow.

A while back I was invited to film the behind the scenes for a music video that’s actually going to be used to promote a feature film called “Bad Luck Snake Bite”.

This is a marketing technique known as Horse and Cart. The idea is that prior to a film’s actual release, you build not only an audience but also their excitement by revealing sneak peaks and bonus content.

And because I’m promoting the sneak peak, I think technically that makes my film the carrot. Which um…well, we all start somewhere.

Bad Luck Snake Bite will be a dark comedy about well…bad luck and speaking with D51, the team behind Bad Luck Snakebite, production begins in November, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime…Siri, play Titanic.