this song makes me think of you

So there’s a new song that I’ve been listening to lately called Solitude and it’s this beautifully simple beat that I’ve become somewhat addicted to.

But there’s a problem with that. Every single time I press play I think of a person, a very specific person…and to be quite honest, a person that I would rather not be thinking of.

Now this whole, music music evoking memory is hardly a new experience.

One of my favourite albums of late was by a Chicago rapper called Saba titled “Bucket List Project”. When it first came out I swear, I listened to it for a month straight

And it was at this time I was working a freelance job, saving to go to California. So now when I listen to the album I think vividly about the rainy walks to work and the excitement of what was to come.

And apparently there’s a good reason for this.

But it still doesn’t really answer my original question.

Why does this new song make me think of that old person? It’s new. I’ve never heard it before.

Well it turns out that along with every other impressive ability mentioned earlier, the Medial Pre Frontal Cortex also acts as a hub that links familiar music, memories and emotions.

So it’s possible that the reason I keep seeing this person when I press play is simply because my brain has linked the memory of this person to a specific emotion — and every time something evokes that emotion, even a random song with no obvious connection, up pops the memory.

But if I’m being honest, having spent all this time researching the relationship between music and memory, I’ve realised something. These memories are a good thing. Had I not experienced this person, I may never have become a filmmaker.

This person helped shape who I am today. And I quite like who I am.