Super Bowl Re-Do(s)

Worst of the Worst, made a little bit better.


I’ve taken a few of the worst ads from this year’s previous Superbowl, and re-copied them to add a a little (or a lot) more flavour to these pretty crappy spots. Some of these I felt just needed a little retouch, but some of these I cannot even begin to fathom the logic behind spending 4 million on absolute garbage.

The point behind this project is that a little copy can prove to go a long way and can sometimes (SOMETIMES) turn a pretty crappy spot around all together.


Normal — Copy

Italic — Actor/Actress 1

Bold Italic — Actor/Actress 2

Bold — Announcer

T-Mobile — Kim’s data stash

Kim: Hi I’m Kim.
Each month, millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies.
Data you paid for — that can be used to see my makeup, my backhand, my outfits, my vacations, and.. my outfits.
Sadly all lost.
Please, help save the data.
Copy: It’s your data, keep it.


Anncr: If you search Kim, the first result to follow is — Kardashian.
Kim: I’m even higher up the totem poll than North Korea’s leader.
If you search Kim Kardashian, the first result to follow is — ‘s butt.
I’m famous for my personality.
If you search Kim Kardashian’s butt, you break the internet.
Copy: With all this easy access and interesting search material at your disposal, there’s no reason to waste your data.
And remember. If it’s the end of the month, you’ll run out of data, before you run out of selfies.

Doritos — When Pigs Fly

Boy: Hey Ralph, can I have a dorito?
Ralph: *Scoff* Sure, when pigs fly. *chuckle*
— Queue obnoxious music behind child building pig rocket.
Heeey Ralph
— Pig flies.
Take it
— Pets pig
Good boy.


Boy: Hey Ralph, can I have a Dorito?
Ralph: Sure. When pigs fly.
— Kicks Ralph in the shin.
OW What was that for
— Follows up with a sweep behind the leg. Ralph flies forward.
— Snatches bag of Doritos out of Ralph’s mangled hands.
— Walks away with a smile of his face, throwing a chip in his mouth followed by Doritos signature crunch.

Bonus: “Sure, if pigs fly” *Drops LSD in Ralph’s coffee. The end.

— Just kidding.

Bad Boy Mowers — Aint gettin’ my bad boy

Wife: Wakeee up. Wake up. WAKE UP. Someone’s downstairs.
Paul Harris: No no no no no nonononono
Nononononononononono.. yessss yes. It’s okay baby.
— wife beats up bad guys
Hehe, you ain’t gettin’ my bad boy
Anncr: Bad Boy Mowers, Mow with an attitude



No Re-Do. This un-repairable.

Side note: Bad Boy Mowers bought TWO buys of this spot throughout the course of the Superbowl.

Honorable Mentions:

Heroes Charge — Big Game Tv Commercial

Nissan — With Dad

Nationwide — Make safe happen

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