A call for solidarity from the striking doctors of the East End

To our fellow residents, workers and trade unionists of the East End,

On Tuesday 12th January, Junior Doctors across England will go on strike to prevent the government from imposing an unsafe unfair New Contract. This industrial action is our last resort to prevent the imposition of a contract that would put the NHS in jeopardy.

This is not a decision that has been taken lightly — we delayed the strike planned at the start of December when the government said it would withdraw the threat of imposition. However, over the last few weeks of negotiations with the government it has become clear that a gulf remains between us many issues around fairness and safety.

We therefore have no choice but to transform our 98% ballot mandate into action.

Why we need YOU:

The coming period will be the ultimate test of the BMA’s resolve as a union. However, we are aware that the struggle extends beyond just that of the Junior Doctor contract, to the sustainability of the entire Healthcare System. There is no way that we can win this on our own. We need all concerned citizens, activists and trade unionists to stand alongside us in this fight.

Over the last few months we have spoken to many people across the East End and North London and have been enormously grateful for the warmth of solidarity that you have shown. The public messages of support from our Allied Health Worker colleagues, the Firefighters, the Teaching Unions and many others have galvanised Junior Doctors. On behalf of the doctors of the East End, we thank you all for your incredible support so far.

A victory for the junior doctors would be a significant step in the fight against the Government’s attacks on the Public Sector in the UK.

Please stand with us. And when you need us, ask us. We will stand by you.

Please attend our pickets

Many of you will have seen the details of the planned action which are reiterated below. We invite you to come out and display your visible support for us on the days of action.

The action will begin with an Emergency Care-Only model, which would see Junior Doctors provide the same level of service that happens in their given specialty, hospital or GP practice on Christmas Day. It will then escalate to full walk-outs. The action as proposed is:

  • Emergency care only — 24 hrs from 8am Tuesday 12 January to 8am Wednesday 13 January
  • Emergency care only — 48 hrs from 8am Tuesday 26th January to 8am Thursday 28 January
  • Full withdrawal of labour — from 8am to 5pm Wednesday 10th February

A detailed list of the action at East End hospitals (with contact details and links to facebook events) is below. Pickets will be in the vicinity of the main entrances and will start at 8am, continuing until at least 12.30pm. However, many pickets will continue into the evening, especially at the larger hospitals.

Along with the pickets there will be parallel “Meet the Doctors” events at nearby transport stops or public spaces. We will direct you to these events from the picket.

Although we would not ask you to turn up on the days of action, we know many of you are keen to attend and give us your support. You are more than welcome to come and support us. We can then tell you if other local events are planned on the day. If you are an allied health worker, trade unionist or campaigner feel free to bring along the banner representing your organisation, your working uniform or similar. We would appreciate it however if banners in explicit endorsement of specific political parties are not displayed and that any selling of campaign literature such as newspapers is discreet.

On the days of action, please do debate us, educate us and invite us to address your colleagues in your workplace or trade union branch.

In East London, junior doctors will be striking at the following hospitals (as well as at other smaller hospitals):

St Bartholomew’s Hospital (St Pauls Tube)

Main picket at the Smithfield entrance.


Contact: Dr Arun Sahni

Tel — 07941143040

Email — arun.sahni@yahoo.co.uk

The Royal London Hospital (Whitechapel Tube)

Main picket in front of the hospital on Whitechapel road, which the NHS Singers will be visiting at 1pm. A smaller picket at the Stepney Way entrance and “Meet the Doctors” stand at the tube station.


Contact: Dr Hannah Marshall

Tel — 07921196715

Email — hannah.f.marshall@gmail.com

Dr Ruth Bird


Homerton University Hospital (Homerton Overground)

Pickets at the main entrance and the back entrance on Clifden Road. ‘Meet the Doctors’ stand by Homerton Station in the morning evening rush hour, and in front of Hackney Town Hall over lunchtime.


Contact: Dr Danny Turton

Tel — 07919020239

Email — dturton@gmail.com

Whipps Cross University Hospital (Walthamstow Central and Leytonstone)


Contact: Dr Niki Fitzgerald

Tel –

Email — n.fitzgerald13@gmail.com

Dr Amira Shamsiddinova

Tel — 07814608083

Email — amira.shamsiddinova@bartshealth.nhs.uk

Newham University Hospital


Contact: Dr Simran Singh

Tel — 07817894639

Email — singh.simran@gmail.com

Queen’s Hospital (Romford Station)


Contact: Dr Mark Gregory

Tel — 07759708080

Email — m.p.a.gregory@gmail.com

King George’s Hospital (Barkingside Tube or Goodmayes Station)


Contact: Dr Matt Kelham

Tel — 07815019014

Central East End Coordination:

Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya,

Deputy Chair — North Thames Junior Doctors Committee

Tel — 07985492569

Email — Jeeves.wijesuriya@gmail.com

In solidarity,

Striking doctors of the East End