Three Instagram Hashtag Hacks

#1 Always use hashtags when you post a new picture, most studies have shown you should limit the hashtags you use to around 6 which is true. However, this is where I recommend you use “Split Tagging” Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post, allow me to tell you how to use this feature most effectively. You should always do your homework and find the most relevant hashtags to your subject, once you have identified which hashtags your using hopefully 30 you are ready. Decide which 4–8 hashtags are your favorite, these are the tags you will use within the comment section of your post (every picture allows you to add a comment). Immediately after your post is uploaded(make sure you do not put this step off or lag), click on the comment icon for your post. In the comment you will type in the remaining hashtags that you did not use for the post, because this comment is a new post you can use 30 hashtags here. Your comment will trigger the post you just uploaded to appear on the hashtags page without appearing on your post text. The comment will be hidden and only seen when viewers click “see all comments”.

#2 This second tip is for users with a larger attention grab and can easily get 1000 plus likes on a post. If you are familiar with Instagram, you have noticed that when you go to a hashtags page there is always 9 photos at the top separated from the rest. These nine photos are the top photos associated with that hashtag, you might have wondered how these post end up at the very top of the list. If you click on the top post you can see how many likes they received, if the hashtag is popular you need to be popular. You might notice that to get to the top of the “food” hashtag you need at least 1000 likes, this would make your post popular with in the hashtag page and generate your post as one of the top 9/nine.

#3 The third tip is a continuation of the second tip on the list, however this time I will focus on a small account strategy. As we saw in tip #two you would need at least 1000 likes to get placed on the top 9 of a busy hashtag page like “food”. However, if we look at the hashtag “Phoenixfood” we learn that 200 likes can easily get us one of the top 9 spots. Not only is “Phoenixfood” relevant to your small restaurant in Phoenix, you also have the potential to be seen first when you make it on the top post section of the hashtag page. This is the same for the location page(EXTRA TIP), which is why you should always add a location to your post on Instagram. Try to find smaller hashtags with in your customer segment, this will generate traction and get the wheels rolling for a consistent growth over time.

Many businesses over look the potential “social media” platforms have for driving sales and building brand awareness, Instagram is often one of those “things for kids” which is quickly disregarded. With over half a billion monthly users on the platform, companies need to start taking Instagram more serious(and they are). The numbers will only increase, and this rise of users includes high end brands, second hand shops, individual brands with in multiple sectors; clothing, food, travel, athletics, and the list keeps growing. Although it is true that attention can switch like it did for twitter, or interest can be lost all together like in the case of Myspace. You still cannot deny many people benefitted from Myspace, and Twitter when the attention was there now that Instagram is standing center stage this is your chance to capitalize. G.