VERY RISKY Cambridge Hen Party Games!

OK, so this Cambridge Hen Party Game takes a little bit of forethought on the behalf of the girls but it’s well worth it. It gets the discussion going the whole evening. It’s also really low priced and essentially extremely amusing. The only snag is that if you’re the one planning the Hen Do Cambridge you will have to coordinate and can’t be part of the fun.

For girls’ night in, there are a lot more games to choose from. Fill up a pii?ata with kinky lollipops, toys, condoms, garters, and lots of other hen party accessories or fun goodies. Breaking that pii?ata will be challenging for the blindfolded guests. Once that’s broken, gathering as much goodies afterwards will be a lot of fun as well.

Those are just two things that will add color to any hen party. It is a matter of choosing the best theme that all the guests will enjoy dressing up for. One must always remember that not all women will be willing to dress up in some of those outfits.

For those who do not know, Cambridge nightlife is mainly concentrated in two areas. Temple Bar is one of those areas. If you plan to do some pub crawling, you can start at any establishment within Temple Bar. The second area you might want to checkout is located south of the River Liffy. An assortment of nightlife establishments can be found in this area as well.

Unusual hen party game are cropping up all over the place, to meet a diverse range of tastes, preferences and quirks! No two hens are the same so why not take a little time to put together a hen night that celebrates and suits the bride to be down to the ground?

Not the person, but a book! These planners can guide you in planning your special day, making sure you have planned all the little details you may have forgotten including wedding gifts for the guests. It also has pockets available for you to store clippings and important documents. It is also a brilliant memento for you to keep forever, reminding you of all the effort you put into your day!

If all of your friends leave the party and they are laughing and have had a good time then you have succeeded. All of your cambridge hen party ideas were perfect and you will all have stories to tell until the day you leave this earth.