Snow Paradise

This is the front side of the ski resort.

Steven’s Pass is a ski resort that has been growing greatly recently. The ski resort is in Washington State right along the highway pass for access to Eastern and Western Washington. From the West side, the mountain the resort resides on can’t be seen until you are about a half hour into the mountain pass. Along the way the snow covered peaks expand for miles around and there is no sign of people except for the ones going down the slopes of the hills. Upon entering the resort the hum of the ski lifts and crowds of people become a white noise to those who are familiar with the area. At the base you can see about 10 of the 20 or so runs. The Pass’s runs are all connected by the ski lifts leading up and to the peaks of the three mountains the resort is a part of. Steven’s Pass has many people all over each run in and overwhelming sense. Of course it’s always an adventure to be on that mountain, but to get the full experience there has to be moments of solitary while going downhill.

Steven’s Pass is most definitely the most amazing ski/snowboard resort I have been to. The advantage to the pass is that the long last cool weather of Washington allows for the resort to be open for snow junkies from the end of November to mid-April. That’s a huge portion of the year to have near access to the slopes. That expansive time period also allows for more new comers to have a chance to learn and enjoy it like all who have been a part of it for so long already. The beginners can sometimes be an issue, but they also a great sight as they join the snow community. The Pass has also been able to expand with the growing numbers. They have expanded not only the parks accessible runs, but also the lodges to keep warm and parking for more to come. The employees, which are usually your average snow hippie, are always welcoming to help you and when they’re on break they are usually a great snow companion to find on the slopes. The runs also are open from 9am to 10 pm which is not always an option to all ski resorts. Although the lighting of the runs limits you to about 7 of the 20 there are less people at night, so you can always enjoy the mountain as your leisure. Being on the Pass is all about relaxing and having fun and Steven’s can always offer that.

Being a constant consumer of the mountain I have to struggle with the new people each season as they increase the population of the Pass there is less time to enjoy the mountain for myself because the ski lift lines grow. The popularity isn’t a major issue, more so it’s a bump in the road as it jams up lift lines. Every day of the week during its open season the park will have a large amount of people because the weather reports are good. No one will be there when people say it’s going to rain there, but that’s because the rain ruins the snow and it’s no fun to get wet while snowboarding. As more people have been coming to the mountain the prices of everything at the resort has also gone up. From the tickets for the lifts, to the repair prices, and even the food prices at the lodges have spiked. The lodges too have not expanded for a long period which can be problematic when you’re out with a group of 4 or more. People enjoy their space especially when all of their gear is frosted over and needs a thaw, but when with groups it’s nearly impossible to find room to seat all of each other together without bothering others to move their items. In the end you sit with your group with a table soaked in slush and ice, and you all proceed to throw your gear onto it. It can be very annoying, but after being out in the cold there is nothing better than sitting in a heated room waiting to thaw out while you prepare for going back out there again.

Steven’s Pass can be absolutely mesmerizing. Despite the small details that could use a fixing it is truly a snow fanatic’s paradise. There is never a time that can be recollected for me that has had been so bad that I’m not eager to return the very next day. The large numbers can be overwhelming, but nothing can beat the fresh snow that is always there. It’s difficult for one to describe the experience of Steven’s Pass in a quick way, also so many people have different opinions on it. I find the Pass to be the perfect winter wonderland because of the convenience in distance and the amount of time it is open is phenomenal considering it carries through the end of Fall to the beginning of Spring. Steven’s Pass is truly a place to be if you are one who enjoys the snow and mountains.

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