What have we been doing?

Drones, meetings, reports and more…

Camden Highline
Jun 25, 2018 · 2 min read

It is exactly one year to the day that we started fundraising for the Camden Highline. The project has come a long way since then, so we thought we’d use the milestone as a timely opportunity to tell you what we’ve been busy with at Highline HQ over the previous few months. Read on to find out more…

What have we been doing?

We’ve had lots of meetings (well into the hundreds), with TfL, Camden, the GLA, Department for Transport, Network Rail, politicians, possible funders, landowners, resident and business groups, architects, engineers and various consultants all to do with achieving the funding and permissions (planning, landowner approval) etc. to make the Camden Highline happen.

Above: The western end of the Camden Highline route taken during recent drone surveys

We’ve been lucky to have worked with some really great people over the last few months to build on the technical feasibility work we previously carried out previously, and which has focused on developing the business case for the project.

In summary…

We’ve created a business plan and we know what the likely business model for the Highline will look like.

We’ve carried out a benefits analysis to understand the need for the project and the quantify the positive impact it can make for Camden and London.

We’ve done more cost analysis.

And we’ve carried out more fundraising feasibility work to understand who might fund the project, and why.

Above: Camden Highline route looking north (NOT a design, we’re not there yet!)

What’s next?

Thanks to the hard work of Dan, Tom, Amanda, Dagmar, Caroline, Helen, Barney, Jon, Alex and co. (thank you all!), the project is in a much more advanced position.

The work we’ve completed over the previous few months will play a really important role shaping the design and the funding of the Highline as the project progresses, and we hope to be able to share more news to do with this soon. We’re as impatient as you — don’t worry!

Become a Friend of the Camden Highline

We’re seeking one-off donations until we have the permissions and funding for the project in place.

Whether you donate £1, £100, or £1,000,000, as a Friend of the Camden Highline you’ll receive invitations to events, regular newsletters and updates on project progress. You’ll have your name on the website, and if you donate more than £50, you’ll receive a Camden Highline tote bag.

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Help spread the word

Friends, family, colleagues, anyone and everyone… Please join the mailing list, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As ever, ask us anything or say something! info@camdenhighline.com

Thank you for support.

More news coming soon! x

Camden Highline

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Transforming the disused railway between Camden Town and King's Cross into a new green artery for London.

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