Intuition’s Role in Helping You Find Your True Life Purpose

What is Intuition?

At a time when many of us are facing difficult life decisions, selecting the right choice out of so many options can seem paralyzing. Most of us were trained by society to use the five senses to collect sensory data and our logical mind to analyze the data to find answers. But what if the harder we think, the harder it is to arrive at knowledge? What if reflecting on the noise in our mind distances us from the truth?

Many people spend a lifetime without realizing that most of their problems arise from the mind and its limited perception of the world. Enlightenment begins when you become aware that solutions are out there. These solutions are calling from a more knowledgeable mind — a higher mind that if used properly contains the pool of solutions to all problems. Awareness of this higher mind is what we refer to as intuition.

Listening to Your Intuition

Intuition is a sense of knowingness without analysis or deep thinking. Often, it is the voice that doesn’t make sense when you analyze it. The logical mind has no room for intuition. But learning to listen to intuition and trust its voice is how you help it grow.

One way of knowing if you are listening to the right voice is to observe and record your feelings, the actions you take, and the outcomes. When you don’t get the result you wanted you may find yourself saying, “Ah, I knew that would happen!” Then you know you heard your intuition but didn’t trust it enough to act on it.

Keep a journal of the first impression you get of different ideas, people, and situations. Then, compare this impression to the result of any action you take. You can use this journal to learn how to trust the first feeling that comes before you think. Your logical mind is useful too: observing the patterns that you experience may be the solution in determining if you are trusting your intuition or not.

Intuition and Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is the highest will of your soul in this life. It was determined by you and your guides before this incarnation. Remembering your life purpose is the first step — and this is where your intuition comes in handy.

Your life purpose is often something that the logical mind will never agree with. When you analyze your life purpose it may seem like the crazy path — especially in a rapidly changing global society where new career types are born every day. Your intuition will be the voice telling you to keep going, that you are on the right path.

Of course, you have the right to choose other paths. Many people come and go without ever remembering why they came here. But there is one optimal path: your true life purpose.

Understanding why you took the path you did may not come for several years. But intuition will be the voice telling you, “It’s OK. Keep doing what you want and don’t rush to understand it. Do it because it feels right.”

Your mind will be quite active too, telling you to stay safe and to avoid risks. After all, this is what it has been trained to do. But your life path is not meant to be logical, structured or safe. It is meant to take you on a trip of growth and discovery. It is the path that will take you to places you never dared to dream of — the path that will take your soul exactly where it wants to go.

Applying Intuition in Your Life

When you find yourself in a predicament the mind rushes to the rescue. It seeks to immortalize the problem with thought — as if this were a solution. However, the secret to solving the problem will never be understood by the mind. The secret is letting go.

Perhaps your own mind is already analyzing that last sentence. “Letting go of the problem is silly,” it says. “Let me get to work on analyzing things. I’ll find a solution!”

Letting go is an important first step in arriving at any solution because it breaks any attachment you may have to the problem. “Attachment to a problem?” the mind asks. “Why would I be attached to a problem?”

Simply engage any stranger in conversation and within a few minutes you can observe this phenomenon. Attachment to problems is the most common disease plaguing modern humans. Learning to use intuition is a powerful remedy.

Intuitive Consulting

When you begin to listen to intuition and act on it in your life the mind will resist. But once you begin seeing the physical results of your actions, even the mind will begin to accept them. This is when the reconnection between the mind and the higher mind happens. This is when you begin to remember your true life purpose.

My role as an intuitive consultant is to connect to my clients on the level of the higher mind and bring forward useful information that helps them on their life path. Enlisting the role of an intuitive can be a powerful symbolic step in recalling your own life purpose and taking the first step in personal fulfillment.

If you’re interested in learning more about how intuition can help you find your true life purpose, visit my website