Looper: Modern Innovation Brings Golfers And Caddies Together

The role that caddies play in golf has traditionally been one of the most prominent and enduring aspects of the game, although it seems that fewer and fewer players still make use of their services. As golf has largely shed off its status as a game reserved only for the rich, famous, and Big Business royalty, more and more people of varying financial means are getting in on the action. Subsequently, there are more and more players nowadays who are able to enjoy a game of golf, but may not necessarily want to–or are unable to–pay for the services of a caddie.

As an avid golf enthusiast, Neil is a certified expert.

Of course, it has to be said that caddies aren’t exactly having it so good either these days. Even though their services may continue to be in demand in high-end clubs and posh resorts, they aren’t always able to get a client to avail of their services. As more and more people opt to lug their own bags through the green, many caddies find themselves reporting for duty only to spend most of the day alone and cooling their heels in the shade.

Enter Looper, which provides an efficient and simply genius way for connecting golfers to caddies, and vice versa.

The brainchild of Dave Cavossa and Jake Ward, Looper is an on-demand service that enables golfers to contract the services of a caddie on-the-fly. Traditionally, golfers have had to enlist in an exclusive “member’s only” club to the tune of upwards of $100,000 in order to avail of the services of a caddie. On top of that, they would also have to pay the caddie up to $150 or more per game.

With Looper however, golfers can request for a caddie anywhere and anytime they wish, regardless of where they are playing. Using their mobile phone and an Internet data connection in pretty much the same way as Uber provides cars to its clients, Looper enables golfers to find caddies that are closest to their location at any given time. The system requires the installation of the free Looper mobile phone app, which is used to place a “call” to any caddies nearby. Once a caddie responds, the player gets an email notification and a popup message, after which they can then make arrangements to meet on the golf course.

The cost of a caddie’s services ranges from $30 to $80, which is pretty reasonable compared to club caddie fees. The system was launched only in April 2016, but it has already been adopted by 22 golf courses all over in Maryland and Virginia. Plans are currently underway to bring Looper to golf courses in Florida and Southern California by spring 2017.

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