Buying Bitcoin

Ether Will Win My Friends

It is obvious to any sane human being that eventually the crypto-market is going to crash. Maybe its tomorrow or maybe its sometime next year. No one knows when, but all should see the bubble will eventually pop. When it does I must note that I will be buying when I feel the time is right. To reach critical mass to become a viable currency, the price must not be some esoteric price like 4000/1 against the US dollar rather something reasonable to 1/1 with stable currencies. I think many will feel the same as I do, and will buy the top cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ether. There is no reason why multiple currencies can live alongside each other, and having a currency such as Bitcoin that has a limit on the number of Bitcoins in the world is actually a good thing, keeping the fed in check. Back to the buying. By buying the most notable or stable cryptos at the low price they drop to in a market correction, it is parallel to one buying companies in the tech bubble correction that actually come out in the long run strong such as Amazon. These should be the cryptos with the most development such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Lite. The rest that are actually dog… that got lucky in raising in ICOs at the right time, are comparable to the hundreds of stupid .com companies that got lucky by doing an IPO just at the right time in the late 1990s. In the end some will come out shaken up a little, some will try to hang on for a few years then die out, but a few of those who embrace mass usage of the currency by your average Joe trying to buy a coffee at their corner coffee shop will come out like on top like Amazon did.

-Cameron Blackwell 10/15/17