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We are excited to announce that, as of today, ICOx Innovations is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “ICOX”. This is a huge milestone for us, but we believe it marks a new chapter for the crypto industry, as well. Our team has decades of experience working together, most recently having co-founded KODAKOne, a blockchain-based image-rights management platform, and its cryptocurrency, KODAKCoin.

Here’s why our public listing is important:

The technology behind cryptocurrencies

Until now, mainstream investors interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects haven’t had a viable, non-speculative way to support their move to the mainstream. We aim to change that. ICOx Innovations assists established companies with the diligence, regulatory considerations, and technological burdens involved in blockchain technology and crypto-currency projects. …

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Getting our hands around the fast-evolving ICO and cryptocurrency markets may seem like being whipped around in a never-ending spin cycle.

One critical question revolves around SAFTs, or Simple Agreement for Future Tokens.SAFTs, broadly defined, are investment contracts offered by cryptocurrency developers to raise money from accredited investors; as such, SAFTs are considered a security, and an offering of SAFTs must comply with securities regulations. Legal roots of SAFTs extend back decades to U.S. Supreme Court rulings on what does and does not constitute a security.

Some claim SAFTs are dying or getting increasingly obsolete or ill-suited for modern crypto markets. This mindset is based on a certain interpretation of the regulations — that to raise money, you need a security token, and, as such, the delivery of a future non-security token is not legitimate. …

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Puritans, history tells us, often are early movers into unexplored spaces where there are no written rules.

That’s very much the case with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, most notably, was established on a basically 100-percent “pure” ideal — a completely decentralized marketplace structure, and “management,” such as it is, really has no control. People buy it on pure speculation.

However, this is changing before our eyes as market forces propel cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based vehicles toward what we’d view as traditional regulation or governance structures.

What’s happening and why? There are a few parallel forces as work.

To date, cryptocurrency markets have seen over 1,000 initial coin offerings (ICOs) worldwide, but fewer than 10 would be considered “fully-regulated” (according to CoinDesk, ICOs so far have raised over $7 billion, most of which has been generated since the middle of 2017). …


Cameron Chell

Serial Startup Entrepreneur, Author, Co-Creator/Architect of @KODAKOne, Public Speaker, Founder: @ICOxInnovations @BInstinctsGroup, @UrtheCast, @DraganflyRC

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