The Importance of ICOx Innovations’ Public Listing

We are excited to announce that, as of today, ICOx Innovations is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “ICOX”. This is a huge milestone for us, but we believe it marks a new chapter for the crypto industry, as well. Our team has decades of experience working together, most recently having co-founded KODAKOne, a blockchain-based image-rights management platform, and its cryptocurrency, KODAKCoin.

Here’s why our public listing is important:

The technology behind cryptocurrencies

Until now, mainstream investors interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects haven’t had a viable, non-speculative way to support their move to the mainstream. We aim to change that. ICOx Innovations assists established companies with the diligence, regulatory considerations, and technological burdens involved in blockchain technology and crypto-currency projects. Our services will be compliant and fully-vetted, and attached to names consumers already know and love.

Compliance, no compromises

Regulatory uncertainty has been one of the biggest roadblocks to mainstream crypto adoption. While the laws are still taking shape as the industry continues to evolve, at ICOx Innovations, we are laser-focused on full compliance, no compromises. We have extensive experience in highly-regulated fields, and we know it’s always better to work with regulators than fight them or fly under their radar. In fact, we hope to help shape the new regulations that will influence the future of blockchain economies.


Now that we’re a publicly traded company, we are not only committed but required to provide full transparency into our business operations and partnerships with the companies we will be assisting to usher into the cryptocurrency era. Our investors can count on comprehensive reports from us that provide full insight into our business. In short, we expect they will see from our public company balance sheet that our business model has high margins, with cash fees and equity stakes earned in each project, in addition to significant coin positions.

Big brands + crypto = a potent formula with staying power

We believe that established brands with loyal followings will drive consumer crypto adoption. That’s why we plan to assist with the design and creation of blockchain economies only with established companies that have already successfully created a market, scaled their business, and grown their community over time. We want the tokens for these established companies to be the most useful ones created, and solve real business problems while improving the customer experience. We aim to help established companies reduce their transaction costs, and increase customer adoption and engagement through a customized, authentic blockchain economy powered by a branded loyalty, reward, gaming, and payment cryptocurrency. Big brands have reputations to protect, and they’re only going to work with companies that uphold their standards — companies like us. Our publicly traded status lends us even more credence in our efforts to bring legacy enterprises into the cryptocurrency era.

This is just the beginning. Following the KODAK One model we developed, we’re planning on creating between four and six blockchain economies per year, in partnership with large brands.

In the meantime, we’re excited that mainstream investors can now invest in our success, and that of the companies we aim to usher into this new era! You can find us under the stock symbol ICOX, and keep up with our news here.