Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Live Streaming and Broadcasting mean the same thing in today’s world and have to be the most interesting recent development in the areas of content and mobile. It seems almost every online/social company has thrown their hat in the live-streaming ring. Instagram recently launched “Instagram Live,” which allows you to stream in 1 hour increments; The videos are not saved for on demand viewing, but the streamer can download them after they have finished streaming. Facebook launched “Facebook Live” and for some time was promoting it as if there were no other Facebook products/services available! They were running commercial after commercial! On dead ass TV! That doesn’t target kids, that’s targeting gen X and boomers. These companies are the “networks” of the modern era. CBS/ABC/NBC, are all buying stakes in streaming companies, and partnering with influencers in these spaces because it is most definitely the future! The cable lines running to and from your house are damn near dead, unless you have fiber in your area, and that may be over soon as well. We haven’t heard much about Google Fiber in the last 12 months! The answer lies in satellites and cellular; No cables, no wires, no dish on top of your house or in the middle of your back yard! Soon they will deploy satellites that will engulf Earth in a wireless signal that can be accessed by anyone with a connected device; Eventually for free.

Streaming is a weird beast though. Not everyone can “go live” whenever they want. Most mainstream artists can’t because they are rarely who you think they are! Most actors can’t because they too have personas, images, and branding that have to be taken into consideration. Once you “go live” and thousands of people are watching, or the one wrong person, one slip of the tongue or one lapse in judgement (e.g.: saying the word “nigger” like ole Paula Deen or PewDiePie), it could be a fucking wrap for your whole career.

Few people are being themselves in a world full of encouragement to “be yourself.” Everyone is trying to impress others, and that includes me! Who would I be if I didn’t admit to this! I should write a book just on the power of perception, at this point! The perception of the “continuously positive narrative,” is a powerful one, and can lead to a very comfortable life if it is played correctly; But that’s the thing, isn’t live-streaming promoting the REAL! The LIVE! The Authentic YOU!? Isn’t that what we crave!? Who can put a price on authenticity?!

Are the artists you love authentic? Could Drake go live? Not unless it’s scripted or rehearsed — he has way too much to lose; too many jobs on the line. Who the world thinks Drake is, and who Aubrey Drake Graham really is, are very different. Drake doesn’t write all of his own songs and has been making a lot of money off of melodies and flows he didn’t come up with! Imagine having access to a livestream of him in the studio and you see/hear the entire process — is he still Drake? The same goes for Beyonce’ and her music and performances. Beyonce’ doesn’t choreograph her own dances. If she streamed herself screwing up the “Formation” dance for a couple hours on Facebook Live and everyone saw her falling down or tripping half a dozen times, would she still be Queen Bey? Maybe!! Maybe is the only thing we are ever getting here though, because she sure as shit isn’t going to do this. Too much risk. But it may be the best move either of them ever made.

In a conversation with an A&R from a major record label Jamie asked: “Why is no one streaming?” The answer was silence. He asked “Is it because most of them aren’t artists?” Silence… “Streaming is weird right now… nobody knows what to do with it.” he said. I have recently been playing with the idea of streaming my entire existence “live.” Going as far as allowing access to view my bank account, cameras everywhere and sound access to my bedroom and bathroom, 24 hours a day for paid subscribers. This is obviously the next step for reality TV. The “Truman Show” of reality! Or as I dubbed it OnCam!

I am the artist I claim to be. My personality wasn’t crafted for branding purposes… I am ME! I have worked hard to be me, and in creating every opportunity for myself! At a time when no one is being themselves or willing to be REAL, people are getting paid millions for faking it. It’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed for the fake.

Transparency is the answer. One day soon you will always be on camera, everywhere you go, every minute of the day. If you have an iPhone beside you, you are being recorded. If you have Alexa, she is recording every single word spoken within range! Within 6 years, someone will be streaming every moment of their life from an uncut stream. When a major artist, a Kanye, Beyonce’, Katy Perry, or someone at that level pulls this off, this completely transparent artistry, they will be the most successful ever, setting a new standard for superstardom! But how? Is it the hard work behind closed doors that makes someone popular? Or is it the illusion of effortlessness? Is it the grind and dedication we love, or the edited perfection that matters most? If we saw Beyonce’ spending a month on vocals for 1 song and we saw every take, will it still be special when we get the finished song? It might be. We all know there are unknown talents out there that can sing a Beyonce’ song perfectly, without any music, or a young person that can hit every note in a Mariah Carey song, on demand. Mariah can’t even do that anymore! Who knows where live streaming is going to lead! But it is going to make us better, nicer, and more connected than ever. We are going to either going to see the destruction of Earth or we are going to see that “they” are just like us.

I am excited about the possibilities. I do know that! As these mobile networks and the infrastructure of Earth improve, we are going to see some wild things unfold. Imagine the events and breaking news coverage that will be streamed live! Just in the past year in America: a dude live streamed his wife giving birth, a teen streamed her friends rape on periscope, there were the 4 young kids that streamed themselves terrorizing a special needs kid because he was white, all of the police brutality and black lives matters riots, the teenagers that cut health class and went home and Facebook Live streamed themselves having sex while the students in that health class watched, dudes who live streamed their party and the cops showed up and busted them for the drugs they were showing off on the stream! Every event from the 2016 election was live streamed; the Philando Castille shooting was broadcast live on Facebook, the women’s march of January 2017, the Facebook shooter in March 2017; Iraqi and Kurdish forces launched a military operation to retake the city of Mosul from the so called Islamic State (ISIS), broadcasters started to stream the battle live on Facebook, which may have been the first time war was live streamed; The Mandalay Bay Massacre… WTF Earth!? C’mon. And anyone can go live any time, so you we have to assume that we have missed countless live streams that no one knows happened because no one saw them or because it didn’t go viral.

I think as we continue to evolve and become more self-aware as a species and individually, we will likely see live streaming become exponentially more popular. We will start to see trends of safety and politeness, the ‘pay it forward’ trend will now be “seen” and no longer talked about. There are two types of people on camera: One does far less dumb shit and the others do their best to emulate clips from Jackass, Tosh.0, and Ridiculousness! Live Streaming isn’t a fad, it’s here to stay and it’s here in the biggest of ways. As we move forward over the next several years and begin to see streaming move out of it’s infancy, it will be interesting to watch how the power of perception compares to the power of the truth.

“Perception is the world” — Young Billy Mays III

And he is right. The edited perfection that we have all grown accustomed to and expect to see is here to stay, and it will continue to dominate the media/content war for quite some time. Editing is far too powerful to not utilize.

Streaming will come to play a vital role across all platforms. Playing video games was only the beginning. Soon the long form conversation and interview format will be the most valued and most powerful type of content. These types of interactions are the centerpieces to the most valuable forms of social currency, respect and trust. The days of editing an interview or conversation and turning it into propaganda are nearly over. The long form, unedited versions of things are going to hold the most weight, as should the source of any relevant information. All news will be broadcast live, allowing you, if willing, to be the news anchor of today, or tomorrow, live, from wherever your news is happening!

Streaming is the truth! It is transparency. It is the future. And it is today! It answers a lot of questions and solves a lot of problems all at once. As our networks continue to become more efficient, and people become more comfortable with the idea of going live, the truth, will truly set us free; freeing us from many of the lies, propaganda, and bullshit that politicians, corporations, news outlets and all of the other hidden agenda fucks broadcasting daily, by abusing the trust/power we gave to journalism.

Thanks for reading.