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There is a good chance you’ve walked out of a meeting — or many — thinking “This was a waste of time.” Lots of negative opinions regarding meetings tend to be about them being boring, uninspired, or simply just required events in the company but not at all useful.

I’m here to tell you that meetings don’t have to be that way.

Done right, meetings can drive your company forward; you just have to know how to make them productive.

Prepare an Agenda

It is no question that every productive meeting absolutely needs a solid agenda ahead of time. Everyone attending needs to know that the meeting has a purpose and, to keep it productive, the meeting needs to stick to that purpose — get rid of the chance for stray topics to get you off track. …

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A toxic work culture affects every aspect of your company — you, your employees, the work, the product, everything. Toxicity in the workplace spreads at disastrous speeds so you want to be able to catch it before it even starts. That means being able to identify the effects and their causes early on.

Here are some of the worst effects of a toxic work culture and how they’re holding your team back.

The Line Between Managers and Employees

A toxic work culture creates a kind of line between managers and employees. …

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We all know the common traits of a good leader⁠ — honesty, confidence, good communication skills, to name a few⁠ — but what about the ones we don’t hear about as often?

Some of the lesser-known traits of a good leader are the most vital. Here are some of the most important ones to look out for.

Show an Entrepreneurial Mindset as a Kid

A lot of kids don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, but most leaders will show signs of an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age.

“Whether it is starting a lemonade stand in the neighborhood, or selling chocolate bars door to door, entrepreneurs usually show interest in making money at an early age.” …

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Image Credit: Bruce Mars via Unsplash

Authenticity is a vital quality in many brands, leaders, companies, and employees. It helps build strong relationships and trust — whether it’s between you and your team or your brand and your customers.

In today’s world, authenticity is what many customers look for in a brand so it’s important that you bring it into your business — and it begins with you. What some people do not realize is that authenticity isn’t something that you can fake — it seems like common sense but you’d be surprised.

Here is how to start living a more authentic life.

Observe Yourself Objectively

It’s important to take the time to notice how you react in different situations. Authenticity is about being aware of the difference between your emotions and your actions. …

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A Vivid Vision is a document, roughly three pages in length, describing what a company’s highest-ranking executive envisions for that company in vivid detail. It describes what the future holds for the company but not how it’ll get there.

Your Vivid Vision should have people saying “There’s no way.” You should have goals so big that they make you imagine technology that doesn’t even exist today. By letting your imagination free on your Vivid Vision it might seem impossible to see it become a reality, but it’s not.

Grounding your Vivid Vision means doing the following things.

Make a Three-Year Vision

Make your Vivid Vision wild, but don’t make its timeline that way. The perfect timing can help your massive goals become a reality⁠ — that perfect timing being three years. But why three years? …

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Passion is THE thing that turns an okay business into a great one.

Leaders who want to be successful need to be passionate about what they do, what they want to do, and why they want to do it.

Here are the biggest reasons why passion is so important in business.

Passion Drives Success

It’s been said a lot, but that’s because it truly matters; you need passion in order to succeed. It will drive you towards a goal even when it seems impossible, but it’s only impossible for someone without passion.

“Passion is what drives you. Passion keeps you going despite the difficulties that your business will inevitably come across. I had many opportunities to throw up my arms and simply give up, but my passion caused me to keep going. I couldn’t think about anything but making my business succeed.” …

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Active listening is one of the most important skills you need to master as a leader. It’s not just about listening to someone talking, but really hearing what they’re trying to say, which is absolutely necessary to have good communication.

Personally, a technique that I use to listen to others is to sit on my hands. It somehow stops me from trying to talk and interrupt, but that’s just me. Here are some skills and techniques that will help every leader be a better active listener.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

As an active listener, you need to genuinely want to learn from what the speaker is saying and the best way to do so is by asking questions. …

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Vacation time is one of the most important things you can give to yourself and your employees. That’s why I push further than the mediocre two weeks paid vacation that most employers provide. The five weeks of paid vacation that I give, and recommend (on top of government holidays) should be standard practice for all companies, for all employees, from day one.

Here are five reasons why vacation time is so important to you and your business.

Vacation Time Benefits Your Employees’ Physical Health

Vacation time is often thought of as nothing more than simply time off, but it’s more than that. …

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On social media, people generally trust the influencers they’re following. That means when the influencer endorses a certain service and company, their followers tend to trust that recommendation. You can benefit from influencer marketing if you know how to use it properly.

Here are the most important things you can do to use influencer marketing successfully.

Consider the Influencer’s Following (Numbers)

Numbers play a large role in any kind of marketing. Two of the most important numbers you’ll need to consider when you are using influencer marketing are the influencer’s number of followers and your budget.

“Users with somewhere between 1,000 and 9,999 followers earn just over 30 percent more for their posts (roughly $108). Influencers who have upward of 99,999 followers, though, see their earnings more than double ($240), while users with more than 100,000 followers see their price per post rise the highest — over $763.” …

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A good leader asks questions, strives to do better, and takes opportunities to learn wherever possible. One of the best ways to do all these things is through an exit interview.

You want to learn why your employee left, what brought about this bad outcome, and how you can avoid it in the future. An exit interview can teach you all these things as long as it’s done right.

Here are some tips to make your exit interviews as productive as they can be!

Finding Timing That’s Just Right

Timing is everything when it comes to an exit interview. You don’t want to just get information, you want to get the right information, and that means knowing when to do your exit interview and when not to. …


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