Gary Johnson Against the Clinton-Trump Machine

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson has an uphill battle against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In many polls, Johnson is hovering around 10 percent. For Johnson to participate in the presidential debates, he needs 15 percent in the polls.

Johnson’s message is resonating with young voters. Johnson is right behind Clinton for voters under age 30. Even though Johnson has not received the same airtime as Trump, he leads Trump amongst young voters.

The two-term Governor of New Mexico is socially liberal and fiscally conservative. He supports a free market approach, a nonintervention foreign policy plan, LGBTQ rights, and Black Lives Matter.

Mainstream media outlets are noticing the third party candidate. In fact, CNN conducted two Libertarian town halls. Both him and his running mate Bill Weld have begun to receive national attention.

Despite the attention, Johnson still needs 15 percent to participate in the debates. The first presidential debate is set for September 26.

However, Johnson needs 15 percent by August 15. Johnson is asking for $15 contributions to reach 15 percent.

Trump and Clinton have received more media attention than Johnson, but Johnson can still participate in the debates.

Both Trump and Clinton are the two most hated candidates in U.S. election history. The hatred towards Clinton and Trump has forced Americans to look for other options. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are those two options.

Unlike Johnson, Stein has struggled to gain attention. The Green Party nominee, Jill Stein, is around 5 percent in the polls.

Johnson seems to be the only third party candidate who could participate in the debates. The Libertarian nominee has certainly drawn attention towards himself. If Johnson is able to participate in the debates, the predicted outcomes for the 2016 Election may change.