How Much Does Summer Camp Cost?

Summer is fast approaching and while it’s great to have the kids home for summer break they can get restless being home. After only a week or two away from the school routine they can be climbing the walls and quite possibly you could be too. Enter a quality summer camp program and have no fear! And much to our readers’ surprise a great summer camp can be affordable too.

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Summer Camp at any budget

When it comes to the price of summer camp there are a multitude of options to get your child in a camp so they can have some awesome summer fun. Overnight camps are obviously more expensive as the camp provides lodging and food 24/7 while your child is at the camp. So one-way to cut the cost if need be is to consider a day camp where your child is dropped off and picked up every day. Additionally instead of a full two or three week camp simply consider having them attend for a week only. Lastly you would be surprised how many camps offer some type of financial aid or scholarship to assist you in the financial demand of a camp.

Make new friends!!!

Summer Camp is an investment in your child

While the cost of quality camp is something to consider, said cost should be viewed as an investment in your child not simply a “payment”. For you it may seem like your child is simply being occupied for one or two weeks, but for them it means a world of growth. At first they will be homesick, especially of this is their first significant chunk of time away from home. But we know that this homesickness is simply a withdrawal symptom of your child’s emotional growth. Once they get past the initial shock of mommy and daddy not being around constantly they will not only gain a tremendous amount of independence but they will also make incredible friends for life. At Camp Chateauguay up in the Adirondacks in New York their campers have been forging incredible friendships and creating lasting experiences for over a decade now.