The 1500 year old history of the ‘Just War’ tradition is now firmly embedded in international law based in the premise that “on the one hand, going to war causes terrible evils, but on the other hand not going to war permits them.”

Traditional war in which one state battled with others for territorial dominance has changed into a multitude of local conflicts across the globe involving non-traditional, non-state actors often operating as ‘lone-wolf’ ideologically based combatants or infiltration groups.

Nowadays war reporting almost always includes discussions of legality, with the Geneva Convention evoked for answers as to what is and is not acceptable in this new battle field. With the telegraph now firmly replaced by social media, news travels as fast as the speed of light, so that most people anywhere can tune in to anything that catches their attention. As a result ordinary people across the globe, influenced by soundbites and propaganda, have become experts in almost everything and form an army of influence on decision makers through protests and demonstrations sometimes bordering on anarchy. Scrutiny of war legality and ethics, integral aspects of any war theatre this century, is the barometer of its legitimacy if the Just War is to prevent terrible evils.

A prestigious panel has been assembled that includes Prof Asa Kasher, journalist and commentator Ben Dror Yemini, Maj (Res) Gen GershonHaCohen and Col Tim Collins OBE chaired by Sohrab Ahmari of the WSJ.

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