6 Reasons to Schedule Your Tummy Tuck in Fall

The signs of fall are in the air. The temperatures will begin to cool as the leaves start to change color and the thoughts of summer vacations are being filed away as memories to help you get through the months to come. Do you know what else fall brings? The beginning of fall means that the best time to schedule a tummy tuck has arrived!

There are 6 reasons why fall is a great time to plan for a tummy tuck.

1. Cool Temperatures = More Comfort

The heat of summer can make healing from a tummy tuck surgery more challenging. The increased temperatures may aggravate swollen tissues, and compression garments can make it feel even hotter than the temperature you see on the local news.

Cooler temperatures can help you remain more comfortable as you heal.

You may experience less swelling during cooler months than if you had your procedure during the heat of summer. Cool weather clothing will also make it easier to protect your incision site from sun exposure.

2. Heavier Clothes Hide Compression Garments

Speaking of fall fashions, the sweatshirts and sweaters of fall, as well as the tendency to begin layering, can more effectively disguise the presence of compression garments while you are out and about, especially compared to tank tops or more revealing warm-weather clothes.

Feeling covered up can help you feel more confident as you begin to return to your regular routine, while ensuring a healing process that’s managed as discreetly as possible.

3. School Is in Session

Since a good portion of your healing involves getting rest at home, waiting to have a tummy tuck until the kids are back in school may provide you with the calm, serene environment you need to heal. Not only will you need less assistance in regards to child care once school’s in session, you should have a bit more time to yourself to do what you find most restful.

Keeping stress levels low can promote faster healing, so kicking back with your favorite magazines and binge-worthy TV shows for some quiet time alone may be ideal. Just stay away from comedies for the first few weeks.

4. Heal before Ski Season

One of the best parts about living in the Denver area is our easy access to winter sports. Whether you’re a fan of skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or simply taking part in a great snowball fight, you don’t want to miss out on some of what makes the Mile High City great just because you’re healing. If you have your tummy tuck in early fall, you should be recovered enough by best parts of winter to fully enjoy snow season sports.

5. Be Bathing-Suit-Ready by Summer

Planning your tummy tuck for the fall gives you plenty of time to see your final results by the next swimsuit season. Beyond initial healing, you’ll even have time to start work on your abs before summer hits, helping you feel even more confident as you show off your new body at the lake or pool.

6. Feel More Confident Now

The biggest reason that this fall is the best time to get a tummy tuck is that you will be one step closer to a more confident you. Why wait to get the body that you want when you can look to make a change today? Sometimes, the best time to make a change is when you feel inspired to do it, and if fall feels like the right time for you, then maybe it’s time to schedule that tummy tuck consultation.