Top 5 signs that a boy likes you

I am a man now but I was, most definitely, a boy once. I was a boy for a number of years and I used to like girls. This is why I know the top 5 signs that a boy likes you.

  1. He makes fun of every small detail about you. For example he might say “I’m almost certain that you have more than average nose hair for a girl, that is an unattractive trait”.
  2. He ignores you. He knows he’s jarred open the door with his charming tomfoolery and now he’s going to slam it shut again. He’s going to keep you guessing like the cool cat he is.
  3. He won’t leave you alone. By now he has figured that the nose hair thing will have worked its magic and after being deprived of his attention, you’ll be desperate for it now. But now he won’t stop talking to you, because he likes you.
  4. One of his friends tells you he likes you. This is a classic, the Jon Bon Jovi of the signs that a boy liking you. He knows he couldn’t hold it together to tell you in person because he likes you so damn much. He gets one of his friends to tell you instead. Obviously it will be a friend that is less handsome than him, he doesn’t want you falling for the wrong guy.
  5. He tells you he likes someone via a form of online messaging and invites you to guess who. He’s pretty confident that you won’t say yourself; he only goes for modest girls. But once you have exhausted all of the options (how could you even think he would like Lisa!!), he will say something along the lines of; “actually you know her, really well…it’s you”. Now you definitely knows he likes you.
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