Too old for running 21k?

So my google search today postlunch was « am 33 yo, am i too old to train for a half marathon?» yes, yes, i know i said i wouldnt run more than 10k. The last 14 months i came from zerokm to 10k. And this has been such a great accomplishment for me…mom of a very active 2 yo daughter, half time engineer, only child to my very time demanding parents, wife, asthmatic… i could literally not run 3 meters without my Salbutamol. And now i am actually considering running a 21k? I believe it all started last sunday, when i was late to the Barranquilla half marathon (i was running the 5k) so, since i couldn’t get to the start line on time, my husband suggested to just sit and enjoy watching the runners. I saw men and women of all ages, heights, weights, crazy and uncomfortable running styles… and it just hit me: i dont need to be 1.70m tall or 50kg to run better or faster.. I just need to run. It was so intense i could feel a chunk in my throat. The race was beatiful. The people, the will of each of every one of them struggling not to stop. I believe the best that could happen, was that crazy traffic, that didnt allow me to get there on time. This is a new chapter in my running and we will see how that goes…

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