The impossible task: 7 weeks without social media.

7 weeks, sounds impossible right? Every year I spend my summers at my second home. Camp Timberlane. I go 7 weeks during the summer spending time with my best friends, doing activities and building bonds like never before. But I do it without any form of technology. No phone, no tv, no computer, nothing. I have to actually interact with people face to face. I have to go out of my way to do things or watch something happen. Evidently, its a lot easier than it sounds!

I wake up in the morning at camp not wanting to check my phone to see who snapchatted me or who posted a picture on instagram, but to look at the beautiful view from my cabin window of the girls ski docks. Not thinking about technology and truly enjoying everything around me.

During the summer I am constantly being occupied. Whether its activities, hanging with friends or just relaxing. The thing is I’m always with someone. Never alone. During the year in the city, I am occupied but not all the time. Also there is definitely much more alone time. All of these things add up to not needing technology.

The technology break during the summer is something I really enjoy and something I look forward to. The pressures of social media are so challenging and we always have this feeling that we need to “keep up” or “stay connected”. The amazing thing about camp and being away from technology is that you do not have these kinds of pressure. It really gives you room to breathe.

From the summer I want to take away memories, new friendships and amazing expirience not who posted a cool picture or sent me a funny snapchat. I really enjoy this break because I am able to make a meaningful experience during the summer.