I told my friend I’d write about the Brexit

I tried doing some research about Brexit, but I got bored. The details are very boring, so I’m going to instead make some common sense arguments. Please let me know if you have any questions over dinner tonight. And make sure you watch this video, because it explains everything in just 20 seconds:

When I found out that the leave side won the vote, and that the British people had chosen to leave the EU, I felt like celebrating. I shared memes with my friend on whatsapp and we decided to set up a celebratory event at a British pub the next evening. But we live in Canada, so why would we care about British politics?

Well, let me tell you. The EU is a very large, unelected government, and it was draining away more and more of Britain’s freedoms. Big governments require more taxes, they require more and more control to maintain power and they were merely using Britain to fund some of the more bankrupt EU members (i.e. Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, etc).

The other major problem is the borderless, immigration-friendly agreement between all EU members. You already know about the mass Muslim migration that’s been happening over the past several years from Africa and the Middle East into the EU. Since they don’t have any borders, these migrants will eventually be able to flood into London from their new homes in Germanistan and Swedistan. By voting for control of their sovereignty, Britain is voting for independent border control. It seems that the native British population wants to put a halt to (mostly) Muslim immigration into their homeland. This is especially important if Turkey blackmails their way into EU membership and unleashes millions of Muslims into the EU. Now if this happens, Britain’s protected.

In my opinion, the immigration issue is what caused the referendum to succeed. I bet that the British people are taking note of the chaos in places like Germany, Sweden and the middle east, and they want no part of that. And that’s not even to mention the demographic shift that’s occurred in their capital. The white British population is now a minority in London. Their city has been flooded by immigrants, and according to Paul Joseph Watson in the very informative video below, London is completely full. Go watch it.

I hope this helps you understand why I care so much about #Brexit. I want to live in a peaceful and stateless society, and we’re going in the opposite direction. Governments are getting larger and more powerful and they’re importing immigrants that will vote for even more government. As a fucking white male, it’s in my individual interest to argue and fight against policies that are bald-facedly trying to eliminate the white population in Europe and America. I value these countries for their conservatism and love of free speech, so I will stand with them against fascist governments and cultural decadence. We need governments to be split up into smaller pieces so that each one will have less power. This is a very important first step to that end. Next up is Donald Trump.

Now let’s go eat some fucking steaks.

Your friend,


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