Life in Liberal Land

I rediscovered my love of learning in 2011 when I found libertarian philosophy. Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead began to work its way into my brain and Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio taught me more than my liberal “education” ever could. I was in my 3rd year of University at an incredibly liberal (i.e. communist) institution and the only way I could save my sanity was to listen to hundreds upon hundreds of anarchist podcasts. While I learned about biology, global warming and social justice, I secretly engaged in a different sort of education based on reason and evidence. My life would never be the same.

My university education was of little or no value to me and I can only roll my eyes at people that try to convince me that it’s a place to “learn how to learn”. Seriously? Modern universities are propaganda factories where critical thought is actively discouraged. I once expressed skepticism toward anthropogenic global warming, and was told by my professor that real scientists accept it as fact. Thanks for playing the shame game, Dr. Estrogen. Actually, my most positive memories at University were drug related (I took better notes while high on pot). It was fun, but overall a very toxic environment to spend one’s early adult years.

Fast forward to 2016 where your friendly conservative Woodcock is working in a corporate environment, still living in Canada. I value my job, but I feel isolated as the only conservative in the company. There may be others though, as conservatives are often quiet about their values. After all, we live in a liberal dominated world, with a soul-sucking mainstream media. My coworkers are constantly talking about such liberal topics as Donald Trump’s racism and are referring to the Brexit referendum as the racism referendum because it would close England’s borders to Muslim immigrants (i.e. invaders of the Jihad). One day when I was feeling particularly lively, I challenged my female coworker on her assertion that Donald Trump is an ignorant racist. I began with tact by asking her why she thinks that. Her answer: “It’s because of the things he says,” but she couldn’t come up with any examples and so she attempted to shame me for “defending Donald Trump”. Actually, she tried to shame me again today by loudly proclaiming that I like Donald Trump, but nobody was paying attention to her. I don’t want to talk about politics while I’m completely surrounded by enemies (it seems tactically irresponsible), but if it comes up, I’ll be sure to stay proud and confident. Fucking liberals are very good at sensing and capitalizing on fear.

This is why I’m writing this blog post, and why I spend so much time on the internet. It’s where I can find my tribe. I met most of my friends at Freedomain Radio meetups and I know that I can find friends by looking for Donald Trump supporters or followers of anyone in the New Right / Alt-Right. I don’t think I’m alone in my craving of a real, physical community, and it’s clear that Canada is not the place to find it. It’s a rather great place for meeting SJWs though. I think I’d probably find more friends in an open-carry state, so I hope President Trump eases Canadian immigration, and if he does, I’ll see you there, revolver strapped to my hip.

See you soon,


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