Why Silicon Valley Can’t “Disruptively” Vote Its Way To Digital Immortality
Greg Fish

To the relief of the Silicon Valley Billionaires, I got the key to Immortality! — Immune to any diseases! — Human Biological Immortality already is a fact, guaranteed by the greatest discovery in human history, spanning for millions of years — I can make everybody Immortal in less than a month — We humans can stop aging, ailing and dying (by wiping out all diseases) and live forever (like our Creators from the planet of Nibiru — The Anunnaki) — I got the key to our Biological Immortality — By staying absolutely healthy all the time — By doing my discovery (just an exercise for a minute a day) — My WVCD — The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction, that cures and prevents any diseases, known on Earth for millions of years, even radiation disease (concerning astronauts’ lives on space missions) — As a proof of the power of my discovery, for more than six years now, I never got sick even of the common cold, my blood sugar level is 300 mg/dl (normally a killing level), but I am not sick of diabetes, for I cannot get sick of it, or of any other diseases — I am the healthiest person on the planet and the first Immortal human on Earth — I will describe my WVCD to everyone, who sends me a check for one million bucks — Everybody will stay absolutely healthy all the time, living their Endless Lives, for Infinite Health = Immortality and Salvation of the Human Race.

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