You don’t even have to get stung to make a difference.

Honeybees are important to the health of crops and the global food security. They contribute to the productivity of many crops and can provide additional income for farmers. Bees are also known to pollinate various crops. These little insects…

Risking my life to look at rocks isn’t smart, but it was fun.

Almost falling to my death in a pitch black cave isn’t how i’d like to go, but sometimes the adventure is worth the risk. Let me tell you about a fun little adventure I had while living…

Watch out for these types of friendships in your life.

They never ask how you are but constantly dump their emotions onto you.

Nothing screams one-sided friendship like when someone treats you as a bottomless pit they can conveniently pour their frustrations into. When someone is going through a hard time, it’s acceptable to listen and provide thoughtful advice. When this becomes a…

Everyone says they have the key to it, but sometimes it seems fleeting.

I always wanted to be happy, until I realized “happiness” wasn’t as fulfilling as I was hoping for. I found myself wanting everything and nothing at the same time, in the right way, under the right circumstances.

Adding interesting words to your vocabulary makes you appear smarter.



a complete or impressive collection of things.

“a deliciously inventive panoply of insults”

I would most likely sneak this word into my vocabulary by saying something like, “Have you seen my panoply of coffee mugs?” What would you use…

If your mind wanders in conversations with others, the other person definitely knows.

how to be a better friend

It sucks feeling as though the person you’re speaking to is disinterested in what you’re saying. They may be right in front of you, but they feel a million miles away. Their mind is wandering to other…

Candice Galek

Miami based entrepreneur turned non-profit founder. Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree. Inc. Magazine columnist.

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