ISIS Targets Over 87,000 Twitter Accounts Deemed to be Hostile to Its Ideology

ISIS has set up a Twitter strategy to try to combat counterterrorism efforts directed against it. They are currently carrying out two main schemes:

Part 1 — Fake abuse reporting campaign

This operation is led by @selemaljazairi8 (Nick name : Fierce Terrorist Parrot, user_id=3344706099)

Part 2 — Mass blocking campaign

An ISIS subgroup is operating a vast collection of Twitter accounts which are deemed to be hostile to ISIS’ ideology. They are building a massive block list using Blocktogether.Com. This list contains already over 87,000 Twitter accounts.

This particular group is headed by @4dark1adam4, also known as (@wolf____wolf2 — now suspended) who is assisted by @Lonesohaeb.

At least 87, 609 users on Twitter are on a blocklist which can result in users who oppose ISIS being suspended. You can check at this link to see if you are on the list. If you are on the list, you can go directly to whatever page you are listed on via this page.

ISIS has also caused the suspension of ISIS-fighting (i.e. #OpISIS) accounts which are listed here. @Ctrlsec and related accounts were suspended but the accounts have been reinstated. These accounts are directly involved in reporting ISIS accounts on Twitter. Other targeted ISIS-fighting accounts can be found here.

h/t — @CtrlSec, @NageAnon & @abd_charlie for bringing this to our attention.

What else has ISIS been up to online? The terrorist group has launched a “Media Cover-Up” Campaign, urging operatives to keep quiet about the group’s weapons and movements:

As ISIS struggles to take and hold the northern Syrian city of Kobani, the terror group has a simple message for its militants and sympathizers online: Shut up.
Since Thursday, when the Islamic State launched a surprise attack on Kobani, the group has waged a sweeping secrecy campaign that urges its fighters and supporters to keep quiet about news that could undermine them. The group directs supporters not to reveal information about the movements of ISIS fighters, post pictures of militants or declare when an ISIS leader or commander is killed.
The campaign, called “Media Cover-Up,” warned supporters of unintentionally acting like spies and provided a dozen examples with this list on Twitter of what they shouldn’t share publicly. Read the full article here.

ISIS is also selling looted art online to raise money. According to Bloomberg:

“The Whatsapp message appeared on his iPhone: photos of an ancient Mesopotamian vase worth $250,000, part of a highly-valued set, is waiting to be extracted.
The recipient, Amr Al Azm, replied that he was interested. How to proceed? A message from a different account followed. The vase could be smuggled through Lebanon.
Al Azm, an anthropology professor in Ohio, was faking it, as he does when photos of looted antiquities are sent to him in the belief that he is a collector or dealer. He is a detective — — self-appointed — hoping to save some of mankind’s rarest and most vulnerable artifacts by tracking the burgeoning antiquities trade of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.”
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