Reinventing Operational Performance Management — the first cloud OPM solution

Jan 18, 2017 · 3 min read

Happy 2017 everyone! Last year was a pivotal one for us. We made major inroads with our product and learned a ton from our customers. One of the things we learned is that workforce dispersion and disconnection are real.

Employees, suppliers, partners, and customers coordinate work from different locations and devices, leading to workflow disarray. We learned that a combination of legacy systems and fragmented offerings tied to process, workflow, and content are leading to a new focus on digital innovation and operational excellence. When experienced and knowledgeable employees leave, major industries are unequipped to bridge the knowledge loss.

The net result is that business decision makers don’t have an easy way for internal and external stakeholders to repeatedly and consistently deliver value. They don’t have visibility into where the bottlenecks are related to a given workstream, and operational metrics are buried in disparate systems and blurred by departmental silos.

There are three key components to Progressly’s offering:

  • Connectivity & Security: Cloud and mobile advantages with security as our top priority.
  • Process Engine: Document, automate and analyze business processes in a single integrated offering. (No technical skills needed, as easy as writing an email)
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with existing communications systems including Outlook, Slack, and others.

Individually, certain tools are useful in their own right, especially in terms of team-based projects and discussions, but there’s a better solution for codifying and centralizing best practices across the organization. A solution that unifies process owners and operators with their systems and assets while providing operational insights that drive business change.

We believe working effectively requires purpose-driven communication, flexibility to modify activities at any phase, and the ability to measure performance. It’s what’s known as Operational Performance Management (OPM), and this is the heart of the Progressly platform.

OPM was invented in the 1990s manufacturing world. As the first cloud OPM solution, everything in Progressly is mapped to people — putting them at the center rather than the systems they work with. The Progressly platform integrates with an organization’s existing human capital management (core HR and talent management systems) to identity management solutions (Active Discovery & cloud SSO), capturing explicit user and group structures. This integration underpins the way organizations manage how their employees, partners, and suppliers collaborate.

As employees interact with each other and company artifacts, Progressly graphs these connections allowing line-of-business leaders and executives to gain insights into improving their core operations. Our goal is to empower business users, giving them complete control over how they document and measure their processes.

We’ve developed a whitepaper on how we are Redefining Operational Performance Management. Check it out.

Nick Candito

Written by

Enterprise Software Founder & CEO @Progressly

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