Here Are The 7 Best Home Remedies For Scabies

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Oct 24, 2017 · 3 min read

There’s no doubt that scabies can be really irritating and disturbing! But, do you really got to get medications for it? Is there any home remedies for scabies that can just get rid of scabies for good?


In fact, today you’ll learn all seven great home remedies for scabies to cure it for good without the need of getting any topical chemical treatments.

1. Tiger Balm:

Second on the list is the tiger balm that is clearly an anti-scabies topical cream. It used to reduce scabies inflammation and give help from muscle cramps and pain caused by scabies.

Tiger medicine can help with scabies because it has camphor that gives alleviation from the pain as you also apply another common home remedy to produce results against scabies.

2. Neem Oil:

You can utilize Neem oil, which kills scabies parasites. Additionally, it keeps scabies’ capacity to breed, spread and develop limited and restricted. Neem oil numbs the pain, as well as reduces the tingling sensation, which makes it awesome in treating scabies with no side effects.

In India, they chose to gather 814 patients who have scabies to examine the healing powers of Neem oil in treating scabies. The 814 patients applied topically a turmeric paste that was made of turmeric and neem oil. Shockingly, some was cured of scabies within 3 days, and some took 15 days to cure it.

3. Tea Tree Oil:

Generally, Tea tree oil fights with scabies parasites and bugs when you apply some topically. It has antimicrobial properties called terpenoids, which cure scabies externally on your skin and inside.

In the Archives of Dermatology, an examination demonstrated the tea tree oil cures scabies since it has oxygenated terpenoids.

4. Cayenne Pepper:

There’s no kitchen that doesn’t have cayenne pepper, it makes our food pleasant and has numerous medical advantages like treating scabies. Cayenne pepper has a role in reducing the agony that scabies cause to you.

The capsaicin in a cayenne pepper is intensely antagonistic to scabies as it diminishes any tingling by desensitizing the neurons in your skin.

5. Rosemary Oil:

Although, rosemary, particularly the oil, has many advantages, one of them is treating scabies. It has a scabies-killing property, which diminishes the suffering and guards you from the development of possible outbreaks.

6. Anise Seed Oil:

Anise oil has a strong insecticidal action when applied topically on scabies. Nonetheless, it isn’t alright for pregnant ladies with scabies to apply it on scabies because it’s not safe for the baby.

7. Clove Oil:

Now, clove oil has 3 properties that contribute in healing scabies, which is antimicrobial, soothing and pain relieving properties. When you apply clove oil topically, it kills scabies rashes and rankles.

In 2010, researchers have chosen to put clove oil under an examination and see whether it can cure scabies or not. In this study, they tried its topical impacts on pigs and rabbits and the outcomes were truly encouraging.

These were the seven best home remedies for scabies! Feel free to share with us your favorite home remedy and your experience.

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