Freshmen, Maybe Next Year

The spirit games went on last Friday, to get the crowd excited for not only the big homecoming game, but the dance itself. Though, the freshmen were more estatic over the pep-rally, spirit games, and the football game. The freshmen can’t go to homecoming, because starting off a year at a new school with a dance, with the stress of being asked or not? That is too much pressure to put on the new students. Freshmen did not seem to mind the fact they couldn’t go to the dance, they were more mind set on the rally. Many freshmen were very excited to go to the pep-rally, while others were just excited to get out of class.

The freshmen did not seem to be intimidated by the upperclassmen. Rather, they seemed to be more determined and confident… with a little bit of cockiness. A freshman I interviewed stated, “I am excited for the pep-rally, and even more excited ot get out of class early, but lets be honest… we don’t have much skill,” he said while his freshmen comrades seemed to differ. The next freshman I spoke to, who was in the spirit games, seemed to say the opposite, “I am not intimidated, and I don’t really care that we get out of class early, but we do have skill. We have a strategy, and we have heart,”.

The freshmen had confidence, and truly kept their chests puffed when they walked into the gym, even when the upperclassmen were making fools of them. They laughed and brushed it off, as if nothing was going on. It didn’t hit them until later, when they started to compete with the students, that they had something coming. The freshmen did NOT win a spirit game, nor did they win spirit week. So, what happened to that determination? The motivation? The heart?

From my personal stand point, my class won the games freshmen year, and sought the next year with pride. Some let it get to their heads, while others mellowed in the victory. We lost our sophomore year, but came back junior. Stating that, maybe this loss is for the best. This should light a fire in the freshmen, to never lose hope, and be prepared for the next year. Freshmen, good-luck, and maybe next year.

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