Grease: Live Won Over Beyonce?

From anxious actors and actresses, to a record breaking Emmy award winner. The Emmys are something that may shock, awe, or excite those watching. For some, on the other hand, were disappointed with the winner. There were its ups and downs on Sunday, September 18,2016. To begin, The Game of Thrones won yet ANOTHER Emmy, breaking a record winning now 38 awards, and 13 nominations. On the other hand, Grease: Live beat out Beyonce’s album “Lemonade”, 58th Grammy Awards, and others. That caused a double-whammy of shocked people and foiled actors/actresses.

Going on, Beyonce, as many may know, recently released a new album named “Lemonade”. The music videos from the songs on the album, attracted thousands of Queen Bey’s fans, but this wouldn’t have been made possible without some help. With a lot of help from Kahlil Joseph, all her music videos were made with such effects and fanciful editing. From the video for Formation, to Hold Up, it all gives an eye-catching aura. The music videos for the album were all done with much hard work and patience, and the outcome was truly astonishing.

In addition, The 58th Grammy Awards lost, also. Yes, there are many people who don’t like many of the artists today, but compared to Grease Live? I would rather watch the Grammys. The Grammys involved many performances by artists, invigorating music, and much much more. Grease: Live is just a redo on the original “Grease”, which was made in 1978. A story about teenagers, in the 1950s, who sing, dance, and all that jazz throughout the musical. The two main characters, Sandy (an exchange student), and Danny (a badboy) cross paths, and lead up to many events. What’s so good about that?

On the other hand, there are probably many Grease fans, who loved the redo of the original. Others, whom like music without the fruity people dancing around and acting, may differ on that win. People have their own opinions, but to be frank, Beyonce, or The Grammys should have won. That is my opinion, because Grease, the original AND redone, is just complete and utter non-sense. Ever since their win, many celebrities have not been quiet, nor calm about her (Beyonce) losing to Grease: Live.

In example, Twitter hasn’t gotten over the fact that Bey has lost. Through the link given, no one is happy about the whole loss with Beyonce and Grease. A fan stated, “Lemonade should have won literally every award. lemonade is better than all of game of thrones, not to mention grease god damn live,”. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is much more interesting and impactful than a cheesy movie full of tacky dancing, singing, and lets not forget the plot itself.

In conclusion, the Queen Bey, through much work with Mr. Joseph, lost to a tawdry, redone movie. Celebrities and fans are beyond upset with that. Celebrities really wanted to see Beyonce there and come into contact with the Queen B herself. Also, fans who were watching the Emmys on their screen, wanted to see Beyonce win, because of not only who she is, but “Lemonade” was done very well. So, I am going to conclude with a quote by the English comedian John Oliver, “They’re watching this show and probably going, ‘What the f*** is wrong with America?’” Join the club.

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