Facebook censors online lesbians over the use of the word “dyke”, but allows male filmmaker to post risque pictures of young girls smoking with Lolita sunglasses

This is such a telling example of the glaring hypocrisy of Facebook censorship (trigger warning):

Facebook censors lesbians for using the word “dyke” on Facebook, but male filmmakers with public accounts on Facebook, for example the male Greek filmmaker Yannis Korres, are allowed to publicly post pictures of underaged girls in a suggested risque borderline pedophilic context, such as these two which are very typical of the sort and are exchanged by online pedos in an effort to bypass Facebook restrictions:

B&W picture of two minors, one is smoking a cigarette, one is wearing “Lolita” style heart-shaped glasses.

B&W picture of a minor smoking 

The girls might be fully dressed in these pictures, thus disqualifying these pictures from being considered “regular” porn, but the implied subtext is undeniably pedophilic: the fact that these minors are smoking is a sexualized gesture in the online pedo underground and is meant to suggest that these girls are “old souls for their age” or “eager to grow up”, both excuses given by pedophiles to sexually pray on young girls. The cigarette in these pictures is a symbolic substitute for the pedophile’s penis, making these pictures pedophilic even despite the girls being fully dressed. The pedophilic subtext is further underlined by the fact that the youngest girl is wearing Lolita-style heart-shaped glasses, an overt symbol of child pornography.

The late feminist Andrea Dworkin repeatedly highlighted this fact about pornography: a woman/girl doesn’t have to be in a state of undress for a picture to be pornographic. It is rather the predatory context implied that turns the picture into porn.

I cannot imagine filmmaker Yannis Korres not being aware of the pedophilic subtext of these photographs. More evidence that the posting of these pictures was made in a pedophilic subtext is the fact that Korres is an associate of Alexander “Maladolescenza” Voulgaris, the Greek filmmaker who is an open pedophilia apologist and child pornography advocate, and was himself for years allowed to post public content in favour of pedophilia and child pornography on Facebook. When I highlighted the fact that he was posting pro-pedo content on Facebook several years ago, the response was not for Facebook to remove those posts. Nope, Alexander simply made his account private and presumably continued to post the same content in private.

So, Facebook has a problem with lesbians using a word, but it has no problem with men such as these two sharing implicit pedo-content in public on Facebook with their thousands of followers. Just letting y’all know that Facebook really is sexist and discriminating against lesbians while allowing men to get away with posting public content that aims to normalize child pornography and pedophilia as long as it’s suggestive rather than overt.

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