Red Flags and Radicals: A Detransitioner’s Response to the Unhappiness of Andrea Long Chu
Carey Callahan

“I’ve had off the record conversations with Singal about the topic and frustratingly his off the record viewpoint is exactly the same as what he wrote in the article. Singal and I agree informed consent for adults is necessary to respect patient autonomy. We disagree in that I feel strongly it’s in the best interest of the patient to keep all their rights and avoid informed consent care.”

I never understood why Singal is in favour informed consent. How on earth can you be in favour of something that is so nakedly designed to protect the medical establishment and to deny basic rights and protections to patients? How on earth can you claim to be in favour of trans rights and support something so blantantly lopsided and unfair like informed consent? Read the average neolibertarian argument in favour of abolishing prescriptions for drugs and then compare it the trans health manifesto. They are almost identical. Informed consent is an excuse to bring introduce legalized neolibertarianism in the medical field. I think Jesse is trying to save his ass from more attacks by trans activists who have hounded him across the internet, not realizing that it’s pointless and that once these people have blacklisted you, you are blacklisted for life and there is nothing you can do to appease them. Patient autonomy is no real or meaningful autonomy when it comes without the safety-net of patient rights. It’s like asking someone to buy a luxury car with no airbag. If gender doctors aren’t observing standards they should be taken to task for it, not given a contractual leeway to avoid the consequences of their actions. I will never support this kind of extremist neolibertarianism posing as progressivism. It’s not progressive, it’s taking away people’s rights through a clever lawyering trick. Denying a population of people that is vulnerable their right to legal recourse through a contractually binding agreement is antithetical to their autonomy whether they recognize it or not.

“Psychotherapists don’t have to write letters when patients want face tattoos, so why should we write letters for hormones?”

Because a facial tattoo not a surgical procedure plus I don’t have to sign away my consumer rights if the tattoo shop doesn’t have follow hygiene requirements, etc. Tattoo artists aren’t surgeons so this comparison on the part of trans activists is utter nonsense. Plus, it’s much easier to reverse or to cover up a facial tattoo than SRS which is often irreversible depending on the procedure.