WHY TWITTER?! Examples of halfway pedophilic pictures of Asian girls posted under the #portrait hashtag

Before I post links to the pictures (I will not embed and expand them because I don’t want give whoever posted these disgusting pictures a platform on Medium) I want to stress that Twitter is fully aware of such pictures being posted on a daily basis under the #portrait hashtag but does absolutely nothing to remove them. Consider these pictures in the context of male Johns or whore-hoppers admitting when interviewed that they fetishize Asian women because they assume them to be more subservient than other women.

“The men, mainly white British, spoke of how they decided which woman to have sex with, often based on how he perceived her ethnicity, or her compliance: “I made a list in my mind. I told myself that I’ll be with different races, e.g. Japanese, Indian, Chinese…Once I have been with them I tick them off the list. It’s like a shopping list,” one punter told me.

Where do these male fantasies of Asian women being more subservient come from? Here are just some examples of “yellow fever” on Twitter on an average day. These pictures were not cherry picked by me to show the worst of the worst but were literally the pictures I found under the #portrait hashtag over the past few days.


These are just the ones I am able to post on Medium without violating the ToS. Other pictures under the #portrait hashtag are even worse than these. 
This picture in particular is very typical of the overall style


You can tell that a picture is meant to be halfway-pedophilic when it has that typical top-bottom POV that was explained in Amy Berg’s 2014 documentary An Open Secret about the Hollywood pedophiles. The POV is meant to suggest that this is a pedophile looking down on a victim. Other pictures of Asian women on Twitter never have this particular angle.

The German letters and wording in the following tweet indicate that these pictures are meant to cater to German men online and were clearly not intended for an Asian domestic market or for strictly personal use:

Sometimes the account from which such pictures originate will have the picture of a young child as an avatar, suggesting that it is the child themselves posting these pictures of themselves and their friends (yeah right!) but the avatar is usually hiding an adult posting these pictures. Also very typical are pictures as a normal plane angle but with girls wearing sailor outfits.


I absolutely hate these pictures, I see them daily while looking for new art to retweet to my personal account, but Twitter despite being aware of them refuses to remove them. And remember, what I have linked to here is relatively tame to what I come across on a daily basis. The girls in these pictures are fully dressed, so technically they do not meet the threshold for pornography or erotic images. However, what many people still do not seem to grasp is that a picture doesn’t have to show a woman in a state of undress to be perceived as pornographic. The angle, the clothes, the props (bunny ears, candy, etc) all contribute to how a picture is being read.

It is in this context that ContraPoints jokes with his Livestream audience about eyeing the two Japanese girls from across the street. That is not funny and it is definitely not feminist. In the context of his praise for Nabokov’s Lolita, him wearing a Lolita t-shirt as a transgressive statement, as well as his suggestion that pedophiles are being too harshly treated (just look at Theroux’s documentary, see how bad they have it?), it all amounts to pedophilia apologetics.

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