Cangshan pushes the future of Cutlery with high alloy Swedish Sandvik® 14C28N Steel

Cangshan Cutlery
Apr 4, 2018 · 3 min read
TC Series TAI Knife Block Set and winner of the 2018 German Design Award

Cangshan is a brand focused on the new and excellent. Cutlery is an industry with a lot of history, but there has not been a lot of innovation recently among the established brands. Designs, materials and advertising has all stayed roughly the same for decades. This is not really a bad thing, current cutlery brands spent hundreds of years perfecting their craft and product, they make great knives that are being used by professionals throughout the culinary world. Still, there is a new generation that is beginning to enter the market, these young individuals have different needs and desires for the products they are looking to bring into their new homes and lives.

Maybe this sounds overly dramatic when talking about kitchen knives, but we don’t believe so. Good knives can last a lifetime, they can become an essential tool every time you prepare a meal, purchasing a knife set for your kitchen is as important as buying a couch or bed.

We believe Swedish Steel will be the future of the cutlery industry and plan on eventually using it in all our knifelines.

This is what drives us at Cangshan and now with social media platforms, we have direct access to our users and potential customers. We can listen to their needs and wants, quickly respond to their feedback and improve the products we offer them. It is this drive that pushes us to continue to improve the already outstanding quality of our knives.

We spent years researching and investing in upgrading and improving our manufacturing process to be able to bring out the best qualities of the steels we use. As we continued to research we found there were other high-alloy steels that could be pushed to perform far better than the German X50CrMoV15 Steel commonly found in many Western style knives.

The steel is made by Sandvik®, a Swedish company with a 155 year history in manufacturing advanced stainless steels and special alloys and a strong reputation for precision and excellence in their industry. As we further researched the materials they offered we came to realize their high-alloy, fine grained Swedish Sandvik® 14C28N Steel outperformed the German steel that we were currently utilizing. The finer grain of the steel allowed the metal to become harder during the heat treatment process without the usual trade off of increasing brittleness in the steel.

Once we realized the superiority of Swedish Steel we began manufacturing our 5 most popular designs with it. We believe Swedish Steel will be the future of the cutlery industry and plan on eventually using it in all our knifelines. This means Cangshan knives come out of the box exceptionally sharp with amazingly long edge retention and there is no worry of the blade chipping if it comes in contact with a hard surface.

New all metal AEOLIS Series featuring distinct and stylized Mars surface texture on the handle for secure grip. COMING SOON.

Cangshan Cutlery

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We combine the best qualities of western and eastern style designs, materials and workmanship to create unique knives for all levels of culinary creatives.

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